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Louisiana Power of Attorney for Minor Child (Parental) Form

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Louisiana Power of Attorney for Minor Child (Parental) Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Louisiana power of attorney for minor child (parental) is a type of authority appointment allowing parents to appoint someone to have authority to make decisions (i.e. medical and education decisions) regarding their children when they are absent. This type of form can only be in place for a maximum of a year and would be considered helpful in instances where parents anticipate being away from their children for a specific period of time, such as military deployment or long-term hospitalization.

How to Write

1 – The Guardian Appointment Form Should Be Opened On This Page

The form, accessible through this page, is downloadable as a Word, PDF, or ODT file. First click on one of the buttons by the image, open the form, then download it.

2 – The Parent (or Current Guardian) Must Formally Declare The Intended Guardian’s Appointment

Only the Parent or Current Guardian of the Child or Minor may delegate Power over the Child or Minor in their care to another individual. This will occur in the declaration statement. First, enter the Full Name of the Parent or Current Guardian on the first blank line. Then, record this individual’s Complete Residential Address on the second blank line. Make sure this is the Physical Address where the Parent or Current Guardian presently lives. The blank space after the word “appoint” will fulfill a required function in the declaration statement. Use this blank space to document the intended Guardian’s Name. After the words “whose address is,” record the Physical Residential Address where the intended Guardian lives. Note: The intended Guardian is the party who will accept the delegation of this Authority.

3 – Name The Child Or Minor The Intended Guardian Will Have To Represent

Locate the words “…of my child ward,” then record the First, Middle, and Last Name of the Child or Minor who will fall under the intended Guardian Powers assigned by this document.

Use the two blank lines, before and after the term “in the year,” to enter the Calendar Day and Month of the Minor’s Birth DateOnce this task is completed, enter the Year of the Child or Minor was born

4 – A Dated And Notarized Signature Of The Parent (or Current Guardian) Is Required

The Current Guardian or Parent will need to enter the Day, Month, and Year of his or her Signature on this form. This may be done using the first, second, and third blank spaces in the “Dated this…” statement to enter the Signature Calendar Day, Month, and Year.

Below the reported Signature Date, the Parent or Current Guardian will need to sign the blank line over the words “Parent’s Signature” to finalize this execution. The Notary Public attending this delegation’s signing will verify the Date and Location of this action then supply the notarization stamp.