Louisiana Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

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Updated June 02, 2022

A Louisiana real estate power of attorney is a document that is often used by real estate attorneys to complete for the purpose of serving a principal in real estate transactions. The form is also often used by a principal in order to appoint an agent, which could be an individual, an attorney, or a real estate professional among others, to manage or transact real estate business on behalf of a principal.


StatutesMandate (§§ 2989 — 3034)

Signing Requirements (La. Civ. Code art. 2993) – Only the principal must sign the document in order to execute it properly. However, the form should be notarized and/or witnessed to establish its validity.

How to Write

Step 1 – Establishment of the Document –

  • Enter the State (of Louisiana)
  • Provide the Parish (county)
  • Provide the date that the document is being executed
  • Enter the Parish where the Principal resides

Step 2 – Number 1 –

  • Read the paragraph and select the appropriate box and attach said documents

Step 3 – Number 2 –

  • The Principal must read this section carefully prior to providing signatures

Step 4 – Signatures – Once the section has been reviewed and the Principal(s) agree

  • Witness’ 1 and 2 must enter their signatures
  • Enter the Principal’s Signature
  • Enter the printed name of the Principal
  • Enter the Signature of the Notary Public along with the expiration date of the Notary’s Commission