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Minnesota Guardian of Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

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Minnesota Guardian of Minor Child Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Minnesota guardian of minor child power of attorney form is a document that parents can use if they anticipate being away from their children for a period of time and will need a trusted friend or relative to stand in their place as parents. This paperwork will serve its purpose by giving the temporary guardian the parent(s) choose the authority to make health and educational decisions on their children’s behalf. This can also be used to designate someone upon the death of the parents.

How to Write

1 – The Standby Guardian Designation Paperwork Must Be Opened On This Page
The preview picture of this form will have three buttons below it. Select one to open this document so you may fill it out.

2 – Record The Designator’s Information And Standby Guardian’s Information

On the blank line just before the label “(Insert Name of Designator)” should have the Designating Parent/Guardian’s Legal Name recorded on it.

On the next set of blank lines, enter the Standby Guardian’s Legal Name, Residential Address, and Telephone Number.

3 – Report The Name Of The Minor/Child Being Discussed

The focus of this form will be to appoint a Standby Guardian for a Minor or Child in the care of the Designator. To properly achieve this purpose, the Minor must be positively identified. Document the Full Name of each Minor the Standby Guardian is being appointed Guardian Powers over on the blank line preceding the label “(Insert Name(s) Of Child(ren)).”

Declare the type of Event when the Standby Guardian’s Responsibility and Principal Authority would become active (i.e. diagnosed as being in a permanent vegetative state). The next blank space will require the Designator’s relationship with the concerned Child (i.e. Parent or Court Appointed Guardian).

Report the Name of the Child the Designator has this relationship with on the next blank line. This name should be recorded precisely as it was above.

4 – Document Some Facts Regarding The Designator, Family, And This Standby Guardian Appointment

In the next part of this statement, we will need to identify the Minor(s) other Parent. Enter the Legal Name of the other Parent on the blank line just before the label “(Insert Name(s) of Child(ren).” Enter the Name of the other Parent (not the Designator in this document) regardless of his or her status on this line. Now, record the Name of the concerned Child on the next blank line. Continue the report on the other Parent by entering the other Parent’s current or last known Residential Address on the blank space following the words “The Other Parent’s Address Is.”We will round out this report by documenting the status of the other Parent. This may be done by simply checking one of the two statements provided below the Address your reported. If the other Parent has died, then place a check mark just before the statement “The Other Parent Died On” then, insert the Calendar Date when the other Parent died. If the other Parent’s Parental Rights were terminated, then place a check mark just before the statement “The Other Parent’s Parental Rights Were terminated On” This statement will require you report the Date Of the Other Parent’s Parental Rights Termination on the blank space before the label “(Insert Date Of Termination).”If you are uncertain as to where the other Parent is and are in compliance with Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure, then place a check mark just before the paragraph beginning with the words “The Other Parent’s Whereabouts Are Unknown…”If the other Parent cannot or will not live up to the responsibilities entailed in being a Parent to the Minor, then place a check mark just before the statement beginning with the words “The Other Parent Is Unwilling And Unable….”If the other Parent has provided consent to the appointment of the Standby Guardian named in this document, then place a check mark just before the words “The Other Parent Consents To this Designation…”The next section will declare the Standby Temporary Custodian or Guardian to act for Sixty days following a catalyst or triggering event. This paragraph requires the Legal Name of the Designated Temporary Custodian recorded on the blank line provided. Note: This paragraph only applies if the Designator has suffered an event (i.e. a serious accident, death, etc.) that prevents him or her from acting as the Minor’s Parent or Guardian reliably. The next paragraph, beginning with the bold word “(Optional),” will accept information to declare an Alternate Standby Custodian or Guardian. If the Designator wishes to declare such an individual with Power in case both he or she and the Primary Standby Custodian are unable to care for the Minor.

5 – The Designator Must Sign This Document To Place It In Effect

Once all the above tasks have been successfully completed, the Designator will need to sign this form before two Witnesses.

First, on the blank line labeled “Date,” enter the Date of Signature. This is the Calendar Date when this form is being signed. On the adjacent line, the Designator must sign his or her Name on the blank line labeled “Designator’s Signature.”Below the Witness Signature area, each Witness must sign his or her Name on one of the blank lines labeled “Witness’ Signature.” Below each Witness Signature line, the Signature Witness must report his or her Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code.

If the other Parent is available to consent to this form, he or she should sign this document as well. Under the words “If Applicable” the other Parent must enter the Current Date as his or her Signature Date then sign the blank line labeled “Signature of Other Parent.”The final paragraph shall require the Legal Name of the Standby Guardian inserted after the word “I.” Then on the blank line labeled “Date,” the Standby Guardian must report the Date he or she signs this form. After entering the current Date. The Standby Guardian must sign the blank space labeled “Signature of Standby Guardian.”