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Minnesota Power of Attorney Forms

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Minnesota Power of Attorney Forms can be considered a useful document to have in place for a variety of circumstances where you’d need someone to act as your agent. For instance, you can utilize a POA if you intend to have someone handle your affairs in case you are unable to act for yourself. In another case, you could designate an attorney-in-fact when you expect to be away from your children and need someone to act on behalf of your children. Others would be applicable in more specific instances, like the sale of a vehicle or the filing of your taxes. All forms should comply with Chapter 523 of the Minnesota Statutes.


Durable Power of Attorney – This form is often used as part of long-term planning and it is generally used to ensure that someone trustworthy is available to act for you when you become unable to act for yourself.

General Power of Attorney – This form is for general use to appoint someone to handle your financial affairs. It has a catch, though. Unlike the durable type, it does not stay in place if you become incapacitated, or unable to care for yourself as determined by a doctor.

Health Care Directive (Medical POA) – Unfortunately, many people end up in a position where they can no longer make decisions for themselves, due to a tragic accident or the diseases associated with age. This allows you to appoint someone, before that happens, to take care of your health care decisions in the event that the situation presents itself.

Limited (Special) Power of Attorney – This type is used when you have a short-term situation where you need someone to act on your behalf for a specific transaction.

Minor Child Power of Attorney – In the event that you anticipate being away from your children and want to make sure the caretaker is able to act on their behalf while you are away, this form could come in handy.

Power of Attorney Revocation – Sometimes it becomes necessary to terminate a POA. It is important that you let all interested parties know in writing. That is where this form is helpful.

Real Estate Power of Attorney – When an owner decides to allow someone else to handle the management, sale or purchase of real property.

Tax Power of Attorney (Form REV184) – Sometimes it’s helpful to allow your accountant to access your tax records and make filings on your behalf. In those situations, it is important to have this type of POA in place.

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Vehicle Power of Attorney – When you want help in registering your new vehicle or obtaining a new title, you can appoint an agent to represent you with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Services.