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Minnesota Revocation Power of Attorney Form

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Minnesota Revocation Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 02, 2022

A Minnesota revocation power of attorney form is a document used to terminate or cancel a power of attorney. Once the notarized execution of this document has been successfully completed, you must provide copies to all interested parties, including your agent, so they know they are not to act on your behalf anymore.

How to Write

1 – Open the Form Required To Revoke An Attorney-in-Fact’s Principle Power

The form required to revoke a previously issued Principal Power Delegation should be opened here, using the buttons below the image. Open this form, then save it for your records. You may work on it using an appropriate software program or you may print it then enter the required information.

2 – The Concerned Principal Must Declare The Previous Power Document Revoked

The Principal who is issuing this paperwork must have his or her Name clearly presented on the first blank line following the words “To Whom It May Concern” The second blank space will need the Legal Name of the Attorney-in-Fact whose Power is being revoked entered on it. Next, on the blank lines after the words “…which is dated,” record the Date of Execution reported on the Power being revoked.

3 – The Revoking Principal Must Execute This Form With A Notarized Signature

When it is time for the Principal to execute this document, he or she must enter the Current Date on the blank line labeled “Date.” Then, he or she must sign the blank space labeled “Principal.” Below this will be an area for the Notary Public to notarize this form. All the blank lines below the words “State of Minnesota” at the end of this form may only be satisfied by the Notary Public.