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Mississippi Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Mississippi Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Mississippi limited power of attorney form is a form a person can use to assign decision-making authority in personal and financial matters to a representative for a specific transaction or time period. Sometimes transactions need to take place when the principal will be unavailable and unable to act for himself or herself. This paperwork will act as a remedy to such situations since the principal issuing it can make sure his or her responsibilities are met in his or her name. As always, it is imperative that the person chosen to act is trustworthy, reliable and available, so they should be consulted first.

How to Write

1 – Open This Document To Review And Complete it

Organize the documents containing the information you need to enter on this form. When it is time to fill out this paperwork, click on one of the buttons under the image to open it.

2 – Identify The Issuing Party And The Attorney-in-Fact Being Designated

The Full Name (First, Middle, Last Name) of the Principal should be entered on the first blank line. Follow this up with the Principal’s Social Security Number on the next blank line.  Continue this statement by entering the Attorney-in-Fact’s Legal Name on the blank line labeled “Full Name” after the words “…Limited And Specific Power Of Attorney To.” Then, on the next blank line, enter the Home Address (Building Number, Street, Unit Number, City, State, Zip Code) and Telephone Number in the appropriate areas.

3 – Document The Powers Being Issued

Since the purpose of this form is to delegate specific or limited Principal Powers to an Attorney-in-Fact, we will need to provide a detailed account of what precisely the Limited Principal Authority is. Utilize the blank lines below the declaration statement to enter the Principal Authority being granted to the Attorney-in-Fact

4 – The Principal’s Notarized Signature Is The Instrument Of Execution

The only manner in which this document may be executed is through the Principal Signature. First, he or she will need to report what day this document was signed. The Principal may use the statement beginning with “Signed This” to enter the Day, Month, and Year of signing.

The “Signature” line below this statement must be signed by the Principal on the defined Date of Signature above. The “State Of” line marks the beginning of the Notary Public’s area. This area has been included so the attending Notary Public will have a clearly defined Notarization Area to work with.