Montana Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form MV65)

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Montana Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form MV65) can be used by a Montana resident who is seeking to have an insurance company or other agent represent him or her with regard to the title transfer or registration of his or her motor vehicle. This is a very limited power of attorney and can only be used for motor vehicles in front of the Montana Motor Vehicle Division.

How to Write

1 – The MVD Form Is Attainable Through This Page

Select the button underneath the preview image. You may open the Power Appointment paperwork with a form friendly browser or with the correct editing software. Otherwise, print this document then fill it out manually.

2 – The Principal Must Self-Report And Document The Appointment

Locate the table on this page, then in the first cell, enter the Principal’s Name. The Principal is the Vehicle Owner who intends to grant Authority. This may be an individual or a business entity. If it is a business entity, several items must be provided: The Name of the Business Owner, the Legal Name of the Business, the Business Owner’s Signature and the word “POA” must be supplied in that order.

In the second cell of the first row, record the Principal Vehicle Owner’s Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code. The second line on this table will require the Name of the Appointed Representative. Use the last row in this table to report the Appointed Representative’s Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code. Each component of the Appointed Representative’s Home Address will have an appropriately labeled cell

3 – The Relevant Vehicle Should Be Clearly Documented

Now that all the involved parties have been declared and their information reported, we will need to document the Vehicle’s information on this form. In the section below the Attorney-in-Fact area, locate the words “…As My Attorney In Fact With Full Authority.” By default, this statement will grant the Appointed Representative with the ability to cause an Effect on Registration, Transfer the Title, and Apply for the Title. The Principal should read this statement. If any other Powers should be granted, record any extensions or additions that should apply to this Principal Authority on the blank space after the words “…Application For Title, Or”Next, we will need to tend to the table provided to present the Vehicle’s information. Use the first row of this table to record the Vehicle’s “Title Number,” “Year,” “Make”, and “Model” in the appropriate cells. The second row will call for the “Vehicle Identification Number,” “Color,” and “License Plate Number” entered in the designated cells. Finally, we must provide a report on the Vehicle’s Odometer. Find the statement beginning with the words “I State That The (Check One) …” Then mark either the check box labeled “Five” or the check box labeled “Six” to indicate how many digits the Vehicle’s Odometer displays. Note: The number of digits displayed are whole numbers only. Do not count tenths. Now, on the blank space preceding the word “miles,” record the number of Miles (currently) displayed on the Vehicle’s Odometer.

On the next blank space in this statement, enter the current Date.

The last items in the Odometer section are in a box labeled “Do Not Check Unless Applicable.” Two statements have been provided. If either or both accurately describe the state of the Odometer reading, then you must mark the check box corresponding to the applicable statement. If the Odometer Reading is reporting a Mileage that is beyond its Mechanical Limits, then mark the first check box. If the Odometer Reading does not accurately display the real Mileage (Odometer Discrepancy), then mark the second check box.

4 – The Principal’s Notarized And Dated Signature Shall Deliver These Powers

The Vehicle Owner, issuing this Authority document, must sign his or her Name on the blank space labeled “Owner/Applicant Signature” then, present the Signature Date on the adjacent empty space. The area below the Vehicle Owner’s Signature is for the Notary Public overseeing this Vehicle Power execution. If a Purchaser is involved, the Purchaser must sign the blank space labeled “Purchaser’s Signature” in the “Purchaser (If Applicable)” section, print his or her Name on the “Purchaser’s Printed Name” line, then input the Date he or she is signing this form.