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North Dakota Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

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North Dakota Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A North Dakota guardian of minor power of attorney form allows a parent to designate another individual to care for minor children in anticipation of being away and unavailable for a period of time. If executed properly, this form will confer authority onto the caretaker to make decisions and act on behalf of the children for medical care, educational needs, and financial needs. This type of form can be helpful if a parent is anticipating being deployed or going on an extended vacation. This document may last for a period of a maximum of six (6) months.

How to Write

1 – Obtain This Document To Designate An Attorney-in-Fact With Custody Rights

This document can be found on this page through any of the buttons beneath the image

2 – Identify The Child Or Minor Being Discussed

The first statement in this document will require a definition of the role the Principal plays in the Child or Minor’s life as well as his or her identity. First, place a mark on the blank line after the word “Parent” or after the word “Guardian” to indicate if the Principal is the Child or Minor’s Parent or Guardian (respectively). Next, report the Child or Minor’s Name on the line preceding the words “Whose Date Of Birth Is” then record his or her Birth Date on the line after this line. There will be enough room to report on two children but if more room is required (to report more children) continue on a well-labeled, dated, and signed attachment.

3 – Report The Principal’s Address

Statement 2 will contain two blank lines. Record the Principal’s Building Number, Street Name, and Unit Number in his or her Residential Address just before the parentheses label “(Street Address).” Then record the City, State, and Zip Code on the line preceding the parentheses label “(City, State And Zip Code).”

4 – Supplement The Designation With Appropriate Information

Now, locate the statement beginning with the phrase “I Appoint The Following Person As My Attorney-in-Fact…” then report the Attorney-in-Fact’s Full Legal Name and Complete Residential Address using the blank lines labeled “Name,” “Address,” and “City, State, Zip Code.”

5 – Review And Determine Which Powers Should Be Granted And When They Will Terminate

Next, there will be a lettered list describing the Principal Powers the Attorney-in-Fact will have over the Child or Minor. By default, this document will deliver the Principal Power to make decisions regarding the child’s (a) Education, (b) Activities, (c) Health Care, and (d) any other Need required for the Child or Minor’s welfare. Item e is left blank so that any limitations or restrictions upon the Principal Powers over the Child or Minor can be documented on the blank lines provided. Once these tasks have been completed, locate the statement “The Powers Granted To The Attorney-in-Fact Shall Be In Effect Until,” then use the following two blank lines to document the Termination Date’s Month and Day then its Year.

6 – The Principal Must Sign This Document To Designate Custodial Powers Over The Minor

Lastly, below the horizontal line will be one final Date requirement. Use the “Date This” statement to indicate the Calendar Day, Month, and Year when this document is signed by the PrincipalThe Principal must Sign his or her Name on the line preceding the parentheses label “(Sign Here)” then, print his or her Name on the blank line below this. The Principal should then furnish his or her Residential Street Address on the blank line labeled “Address” and his or her City, State, and Zip Code on the empty line immediately following this. The final statement has been supplied for the Notarization purposes of the Notary Public