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New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 02, 2022

A New Hampshire motor vehicle power of attorney form is a document you can use to designate someone to represent you in interactions with the Division of Motor Vehicles in New Hampshire. This type of paperwork will allow your agent can wait in line for you and take care of your registration and titling of a motor vehicle. You will need to supply several pieces of information so the NH DMV can be certain the agent you name, has the authority to perform any actions with your vehicle. Make sure that each piece of information is documented precisely as it appears on the books with this entity.

How to Write

1 – Open The Vehicle Power Form Then Supply The Requested Information

The Power Appointment form on this page can be previewed using the image. If satisfied, make sure you gather the information that will be requested then select the button beneath the image.
Once you have opened the image, you may work on it at your discretion either onscreen or on paper. Do not use a red pen if you are filling out this form manually.

2 – Supply The Header With The Current Date

Locate the blank space, after the word “Date,” below the Title. The Calendar Day, Month, and Year when this form is being filled out should be recorded on this line.

3 – The Statement Of Power Declaration Will Require Direct Attention

The paragraph making up this document will request only a few items of information but you must make sure to enter each item accurately. Use the first blank space labeled “Name” to report the Principal’s Full Name. This should be written the way it appears on his or her Photo I.D.

The following available space will call for the Attorney-in-Fact or Agent’s Name to be documented fully. Enter his or her Complete Name as it appears on his or her Driver’s License (or similarly valid Photo I.D.)

Now it will be time to identify the Vehicle at the heart of this matter. Utilize the spaces provided after the words “Year,” “Make,” and “Vehicle Identification Number” to report the Year, Make, and V.I.N of the Vehicle who the Agent may exert Principal Authority over.

4 – Each Owner Of This Vehicle Must Sign This Document

There will be two sets of blank lines labeled “Print Owners Name,” “Signature Of Owner,” and “Date.” At least one Vehicle Owner must print and sign his or her Name then record the Signature Date so this form may be executed. If there are two Vehicle Owners, both must supply these items. If there are more than two, continue the Signatures of the remaining Vehicle Owners on an attachment.

Next, the Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, and Telephone Number of each Vehicle Owner must be provided. If there is only one Vehicle Owner Address to record then document it using the blank spaces labeled “Address,” “City/State,” “Zip,” and “Telephone #” to satisfy this requirement. If more than one Address make sure it is done so on an attachment (preferably corresponding to the Vehicle Owner’s Signature).

The section below the Signature Area has been provided purely for the use of the Notary Public. This Appointment must be a Notarized document and only a Notary Public may fulfill this requirement in the final section.