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New Hampshire Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

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New Hampshire Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A New Hampshire real estate power of attorney form is a legal document used by the principal (real property owner) to grant decision-making authority to a pre-determined attorney-in-fact. This document will provide an attorney-in-fact proof of the principal approval required to oversee any or all of the principal’s real property. The attorney-in-fact must carefully execute any of the business that will be required by the principal and do so within the parameters of the principal’s wishes. As such, the principal must be able to trust such an appointee to conduct his or her own business reliably.

The principal must make an educated decision when choosing his or her agent and when determining what this party should be able to do with principal authority. Naturally, the attorney-in-fact should be someone credible who can be counted on as well as maintain a clear line of communication with the principal. This document must be witnessed and notarized after it has been supplied with information to be considered complete. The principal will reserve the right to revoke (in writing) the powers delivered here at any time for any reason at his or her discretion.