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New Jersey Limited Power of Attorney Form

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New Jersey Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A New Jersey limited power of attorney form is a document that allows a principal to grant an agent authority over certain matters temporarily. Here, one individual can give another individual the right to perform certain tasks in his or her name. This can be set until such tasks are complete or for only a limited amount of time. In fact, one could limit the agent’s use of principal power using a time limit. The principal’s main concern should be to provide a very detailed account of what the agent may do and when the agent may act with principal power.

Once this form has been executed, a copy should be dispensed to the agent it names and any other entity that will depend upon it to allow the agent’s principal Actions. It is strongly recommended to keep an ongoing record of who has been exposed to the executed document. If the principal wishes to revoke such authority, it must be done in writing and successfully filed with the agent and all relevant entities.

How to Write

1 – Access The Form On This Page To Appoint Limited Powers To An Agent

This page shall provide a preview image and three buttons beneath it. Utilize one of these buttons to obtain the form pictured in the image in the format you are able to work in.

2 – This Form’s Declaration Will Need Information Supplied

Generally, this is a basic declaration which will assign a Limited amount of Principal Power to an Agent. However while this form contains the necessary language to achieve this it will require situations specific information entered on it in the appropriate areas.

Find the first statement then between the words “I” and “Whose Address..” record the Full Name of the Principal in the available space. Make sure to enter the Principal’s Home Address on the space after the words “Whose Address Is.” 

Document the Agent’s Full Name on the blank space after “Appoint.”

The numbered list, after the Agent’s Name you have entered, has been provided as a matter of convenience. In this manner, the Principal may present an organized detail of each Limited Power he or she is granting to the Agent. This may be as general or specific as the Principal is comfortable with but must be an exact representation of the Principal Powers granted to the Agent here.

3 – The Principal Must Provide A Witnessed Signature

The Principal will need to Date and Sign this document upon its completion using the blank areas provided in the “In Witness Whereof” statement near the end of this document.

Just after the “In Witness Whereof” statement will be two columns: “Witnesses” and “Address.” Each Witness must sign his or her Name on one blank line in the “Witnesses” column, then enter his or her Address on the corresponding blank lines in the “Address” column.

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