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New Mexico Limited Power of Attorney Form

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New Mexico Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A New Mexico limited power of attorney form is a document that allows you to appoint an agent to represent you for a specific transaction or during a limited time period. This might be useful in situations where you have a pending real estate closing and are going to be away and unable to sign the requisite documents. You can appoint someone you trust to stand in your place and make sure the transaction takes place.

How to Write

1 – Open The Limited Power Document On This Page

The document assigning Limited Power is accessible from this page. The buttons under the image on this page will each link to a different file type of this document. Make sure to review this document before filling it out to make sure you have the references you need available.

2 – This Principal Should Be Clearly Identified

The first paragraph is a declaration statement that will require that both parties involved (Principal and Agent) be recorded. Use the first blank line after the first few words “Be It Acknowledged That I…,” enter the Legal First, Middle, and Last Name of the Principal. This should be followed by the Principal’s “Social Security Number”  

It is important the Agent’s information also be reported in the declaration statement so that it may apply Limited Powers to the Agent correctly. Three blank spaces have been supplied to this may be done properly. Enter the Full Legal Name, Address, and Telephone Number of the Agent using the appropriately labeled areas after the phrase “…Grant A Limited And Specific Power Of Attorney To”

3 – The Limited Powers Granted To The Agent Should Be Documented

This paperwork will naturally need to define the actual Principal Powers being granted. A few blank lines have been supplied so three Specific or Limited Powers can be granted to the Agent. If you need more room to grant additional Principal Powers or if more room is required to describe the Principal Powers, such items may be reported on an additional sheet of paper that must be attached to this document before the time of signing.

4 – A Valid Signature From The Principal Must Be Supplied By The Principal

The Principal must locate the last statement of this document, then enter the Signature Date on the blank spaces provided. Below this the Principal must sign his or her Name the same day he or she has reported as the Signature Date.