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New Mexico Power of Attorney for Minor Child Form

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New Mexico Power of Attorney for Minor Child Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A New Mexico power of attorney for minor child form is a document that enables a parent to grant authority to another individual to take care of a child. This can be used in the event that the parent is going to be unavailable such as for military deployment or vacation such that they will not be able to be contacted. This form allows the caretaker to make decisions on behalf of the child for things such as medical care and education. It is recommended that you fill out a form for each child for whom you need a caretaker.

How to Write

1 – The Paperwork To Designate A Guardian Is Found On This Page

You will be able to find the paperwork required to grant a Caregiver Guardian Powers on this page. Obtain it by selecting one of the buttons below the image presented here.

2 – Some Information Will Be Requested

This paperwork has some standardized language which must be used however, it will need information regarding the individuals this document will apply to. To begin, find the words “State Of New Mexico County Of” in the top left-hand corner. Use the blank line after this phrase to enter the New Mexico County where this document will apply. 

Now, under the “Power Of Attorney” heading, we will first need to supply some information regarding the Parent who is appointing a Caregiver with Guardian Powers. Locate the first blank line, labeled “Parent,” then enter the Parent’s Full Name on it. The Parent’s City (where he or she lives) should be entered on the next blank space.

Next, we will indicate which Parent this form is being issued by. Mark the first check box in this statement, if the Mother of the Child is granting powers. If the Father of the Child is granting Power, then mark the second check box in this statement.

Enter the Child’s Full Name on the blank line labeled “Name Of Child.” This is the Child whose Parent is granting Guardian Powers over.

Now that we have named the Parent and Child involved, we will need to identify the Caregiver who will accept the Guardian Powers granted by the Parent over the Child. Enter the Caregiver’s Full Name on the blank line labeled “Caregiver” and report the City where he or she lives on the next blank line.

3 – Declare The Guardian Powers Being Delegated To The Caregiver

This paperwork will need some definition to the Powers granted supplied. To begin this process, locate the blank line labeled “Name Of Child” just before the words “Regarding The Following”

The Guardian Powers a Parent can grant to a Caregiver using this document is presented in a checklist below the initial declaration statement. The Parent will have to mark the check box corresponding to each Guardian Power he or she wishes to delegate to the Caregiver. The Parent can grant Custody, Power over Education Matters, Power to Participate In Recreational Activities, Power to act with the Child’s Medical Treatment And Care, Power to participate in Religious Activities, and Power In Any Other Matters. The Parent may check all or some of these boxes. Any box marked by the Parent will deliver the Power it defines to the Caregiver while any box not marked will define a Power the Caregiver will not have.

The first blank line after this list must have the Name of the Caregiver entered on it. This Name must be entered exactly as it appears in the previous paragraph.

4 – The Principal’s Signature Will Verify This Grant of Power

The Parent must demonstrate his or her intent as well as the legitimacy of this delegation. To do this he or she must Sign and Date this Form. The Date will need to be entered first. On the day the Principal signs this form, he or she must enter the current date on the blank lines in the last statement. These actions may only be performed in the presence of a Notary Public.

Next, the Principal must sign the blank line labeled “Signature.”

The last section of this form can only be filled out by a Notary Public.