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Nevada Minor Child (Parent) of Minor Power of Attorney Form

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Nevada Minor Child (Parent) of Minor Power of Attorney Form

Updated July 14, 2023

A Nevada minor child (parent) of minor power of attorney form allows the parent of a child to delegate parental authority to a caretaker, usually a relative, for a time. Typically, this is necessary when the parent is unavailable due to long-term treatment for a medical condition or being deployed in the military. This form contains the language required to delegate the authority to make educational and medical decisions for the child and generally act as a parent to the caretaker the parent names as such.

It is worth mentioning that a time limit will apply to the effectiveness of this paperwork in the State of Nevada. The form may be set in place only for a temporary period of up to six (6) months.

Long-Term Guardianship – If the parent(s) are seeking to elect another person to handle their minor child(ren) for longer than six (6) months they may do so by filing the necessary papers with the District Court in Your County.

How to Write

1 – The Paperwork Necessary To Deliver Guardianship Should Be Obtained From This Page

Download and review the form carefully, making sure that you understand its ramifications. If you have any questions or concerns, you should consult an attorney.

2 – Identify The Participants Of This Document

Locate the first paragraph. Here, use the first two blank lines to record each Parent or Current Guardian’s Full Name. This will indicate the Parent or Current Guardian’s intent to deliver Guardian Powers over the Child.

Use the third blank line, in this paragraph, to document the Child’s Full Name. This will be the Minor who’s welfare will be safeguarded by the Temporary Guardian.

The last two blank lines in this paragraph should have the Full Name of each Temporary Guardian who will assume the Guardian Powers delivered by this document.

3 – Solidify The Intent To Grant Temporary Guardian Powers

Each Parent or Current Guardian will need to sign this document to properly appoint the Temporary Guardian with the Principal Authority to care for the Minor. Each Parent or Current Guardian should sign one of the blank lines after the word “Signed.” Below this, the Home Address where the Signature Parties reside should be documented.

The signature of each Parent or Current Guardian should be notarized. An area for the Notary Public serving this signing has been provided in the last section of this document.