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Oregon Advance Directive | Medical POA & Living Will

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Oregon Advance Directive (Medical POA & Living Will) allows an individual residing in Oregon to appoint a health care agent, provide specific treatment preferences directly to attending medical personnel, or both. Once this paperwork is executed, it will become active if the principal is in a severe medical event where he or she is unable to communicate and decisions on treatments need to be made and applied. Essentially, the principal issuing this document will be able to fully convey his or her preferences in various scenarios on paper to the parties he or she considers relevant.  This precautionary measure to ensure one’s expectations are met when they suffer a traumatic medical event or succumb to a disease. The principal will only have to fill out the parts of this document that he or she wishes to use, although it is recommended to give some careful thought before filling out and seek a consultation with both the agent and relevant health care entities.

Definition – ORS 127.505(2)

LawsORS Chapter 127

Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney – Allows an individual to appoint an agent to care for their finances.

Signing Requirements (§ 127.515(2)(b)) – Two (2) witnesses or a notary public.

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