Oregon Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

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Updated January 17, 2023

An Oregon real estate power of attorney form is a legal document that permits a selected agent to oversee actions and/or transactions pertaining to the care, sale, refinancing, or management of real property. Keep in mind, this type of appointment will only deal with principal power over real property. Therefore, any and all powers delivered here will only enable an agent to deal with a principal’s real property and no other principal matter.

All decisions made by the Agent, and on behalf of the principal, should be carefully considered and handled as if the principal was present. This form may be notarized upon completion and may be revoked by the principal, in writing, at any time.


  • Statutes โ€“ Chapter 127: Powers of Attorney
  • Signing Requirements (O.R.S. ยง 93.670) โ€“ Though the principal’s signature can execute the power of attorney document, it alone shall not be sufficient upon the attorney-in-fact’s attempt to record conveyances of land with a local registry. A notary acknowledgment is necessary when doing so and, therefore, highly recommended. The principal may also have their document witnessed for further validation.