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Rhode Island Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Rhode Island Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Rhode Island limited power of attorney form can be used to appoint another person to take care of specific matters on your behalf. This paperwork has been developed so that only a certain amount of principal power is available to the agent when representing the principal. This can be handy if you find yourself in a situation where you plan on being out of the country for a short period of time or have a transaction that must be handled with your Name but will be unavailable to conduct business personally. This template will allow you to appoint someone for that limited time period or transaction only. Keep in mind that such paperwork will be taken literally so make sure to clearly indicate the beginning and end of this representation and the approved transaction(s) where the agent is expected to wield principal power.

How to Write

1 – To Deliver Specific Principal Powers To An Agent In Rhode Island Requires The Paperwork Here

The document on this page presents the language necessary to delegate Principal Power to an Agent once it is signed. You may fill most of it out onscreen with compatible software by selecting the appropriate file type from the three button choices on this page (PDF, ODT, Word). You also have the option of using the browser to open this file as a PDF then print it so that it may be filled out manually.

2 – The Main Paragraph Must Have Information Crucial To This Delegation Supplied

There will be four blank lines in the first paragraph on this page. They have been provided so that each party may be documented in a manner that assigns each one his or her role in this paperwork. The first party we shall deal with is the person delivering Authority or the Principal. Record his or her Full Name and Address on the first two blank lines. The next two available spaces will call for three items. Turn your attention to the third blank line, then supply the Full Name of the Agent. The last empty line in this paragraph will be divided into two labels. Record the Attorney-in-Fact’s Address and Telephone Number using these areas.

3 – A Detailed Summary Of The Limited Powers The Principal Wishes To Grant Must Be Supplied

This delegation of Principal Authority should concern very few matters and give a specific definition as to what the Attorney-in-Fact can decide upon and act upon using the Principal’s Name. Record the Limited Powers the Attorney-in-Fact is being granted using the numbered lines on this page. If there is not enough room to fully report these Principal Powers, then you may continue a labeled attachment.

4 – The Principal’s Authority Can Only Be Delegated To The Agent Through The Principal’s Signature

The Date the Principal signs his or her name to this document will need to be reported on this document at the time of signing. Use the statement starting with “Signed This…” to enter the Calendar Day, Month, and Year of signing. The Principal must sign his or her Name on the blank line under the Signature Date statement. The last portion of this document can only be used by the attending Notary Public to notarize this delegation.