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Rhode Island Power of Attorney Forms

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Rhode Island Power of Attorney Forms is a type of legal document whereby an individual can legally appoint another to stand in his or her place and act on his or her behalf in a variety of circumstances and situations. Some powers of attorney can be used for a broad range of purposes for a long period of time, while others are used for more discreet temporary situations. It all depends on what your goals and needs are. In all cases, you will need to think carefully about who is going to act for you. Trustworthiness and reliability are important factors to consider, as are expertise and availability.

Laws – Chapter 18-16 (Rhode Island Short Form Power of Attorney Act)

All Types

Advance Directive (Health Care Power of Attorney) – This type can be used to appoint someone you love and trust to represent your health care interests in the event you are unable to do so.

Durable Power of Attorney – A durable POA is more of a long-term arrangement whereby you appoint someone to represent your financial interests for an extended period of time which can include your incapacity if desired.

General Power of Attorney – A general POA is generally also used in long-term financial representation, but it terminates automatically if the principal (the person who created the POA) becomes incapacitated.

Limited Power of Attorney – A limited form is used when you need representation for a short-term period or for a limited transaction.

Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney – This form is used when you anticipate being away from your children and you need to make sure your caretaker has the tools necessary to make decisions about school and medical care for your children.

Real Estate Power of Attorney – The use of an Agent or Attorney-in-Fact, to help a property owner with the management and/or sale in accordance with § 18-16-3.

Revocation of Power of Attorney – This is used when you want to revoke any POA that you may have executed in the past. When you want to terminate a POA, always let your representative or agent know that you do not want them to continue to use the POA and provide a copy of this executed revocation form to them.

Tax Power of Attorney (Form RI-2848) – This is used to have an appointee, usually a tax professional, to represent your interests in front of the Rhode Island Division of Taxation.

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  • Signing Requirements: The representative must sign. If the representative is not an attorney, certified public accountant, licensed public accountant, or an enrolled agent, the document must also be signed by either two (2) witnesses or acknowledged by a notary public.

Vehicle Power of Attorney – Use this form to have someone take care of your titling and registration of your motor vehicle in front of the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles.