» » » Rhode Island Durable (Statutory) Power of Attorney – Short Form

Rhode Island Durable (Statutory) Power of Attorney – Short Form

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A durable Rhode Island durable statutory power of attorney form is used to transfer authority over financial acts from one person (“principal”) to someone else (“agent”). The principal can choose more than one agent to act on their behalf and select to have them work jointly or severally. If severally, the 2nd agent would only be able to step in if the 1st agent is not able to act in a timely manner or is unavailable. After the form is acknowledged and signed in front of a notary public, the for may be used by the agent.

Laws – § 18-16-2

Signing Requirements (§ 18-16-2) – The principal must sign and have their signature acknowledged in the presence of a noatry public.

Advance Directive (Health Care Power of Attorney) – This form is used to appoint a family member or friend to represent your healthcare interests.

How to Write

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