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Rhode Island Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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Rhode Island Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated January 15, 2023

A Rhode Island motor vehicle power of attorney form is a document you can submit to the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles as a means of designating an Agent to handle administrative tasks related to your vehicle. By some standards, this paperwork may technically be considered a “limited” power of attorney. Here, the specific limited purpose is the delegation of your Principal Power to an Agent who will be entrusted in handling the paperwork required for the registration and titling of your vehicle with the Division of Motor Vehicles. This type of authority can only be used by an agent if it is delivered by the principal vehicle owner and this document is approved by the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles.

How to Write

1 – Download The Agent Appointment Form To Delegate Principal Vehicle Owner Powers

The template on this page contains the language a Principal Vehicle Owner must use to delegate an Agent with the same rights and authority over his or her Vehicle as the Principal Vehicle Owner has. Download this template using the buttons under the image.

2 – Have A Qualified Professional Document This Vehicle

The Principal Vehicle Owner must bring in the Vehicle and this document to an Inspection Station where a qualified Technician or Mechanic will supply the Station’s Address, his or her Own Credentials, the Vehicle’s Information (Year, Make, Model, Style, VIN #, and Odometer Reading), the Owner’s Identity and Address, a testimony of its roadworthiness (plus any defects or malfunctions that should be attended to), and his or her own Signature to the second page of this document.

3 – Supply The Basic Party Information Requested

The first paragraph shall contain two blank lines. The language here will serve as a Principal statement where he or she will name the Attorney-in-Fact with Principal Authority over the Vehicle defined in this document. Supply the Principal’s Full Legal Name on the first line and the Attorney-in-Fact’s Legal Name on the second blank line in this paragraph.

4 – This Document Requires The Principal’s Signature And Status Provided By The Principal

The Principal Vehicle Owner must Sign the “Signature” line. If the Vehicle Owner is a Business Entity, then an Authorized Signature Representative of that entity must sign on behalf of the Business Entity.

If the Principal is an individual, then his or her Birth Date and Social Security Number must be presented on the blank spaces after the words “…Please Include Your Date Of Birth” and “…Your Social Security Number.”

If the Principal is a Business Entity, then its Federal Entity Identification Number must be supplied to the blank line after the words “…Please Include Its Federal ID Number”

After these items have been supplied, turn surrender this document over to the attending Notary Public so it may be notarized.