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South Carolina Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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South Carolina Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Updated January 12, 2023

A South Carolina Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form is a type of “limited” power of attorney, which means that it is geared for a specific purpose – namely to approve of someone else’s right to represent your interests with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. This paperwork will enable another person to conduct business with your vehicle when it comes to registering a vehicle, applying for the title, or transferring ownership of that vehicle (to another party altogether). It’s recommended that the owner of the vehicle have the form notarized before submitting it at a  South Carolina DMV Location. This will aid in ensuring it is accepted by this entity.

How to Write

1 – Select The File Version You Intend To Work With

You will require a formal declaration with some specific language in order to grant an Agent the Authority to engage in certain actions with your vehicle. This form is available using the buttons labeled with the available file types attached to the preview image. Download any of these files as you see fit. If you wish to enter information directly on-screen, then make sure you have an updated compatible editing program for the file you choose.

2 – Supplement The Declaration Of Authority With Basic Information

Several facts will need to be presented where appropriate. The introduction will supply the required language and will have several blank lines, each requesting information specific to the parties and vehicle at hand. Begin by documenting the full identity of the Vehicle Owner. This party will only be able to grant power over the vehicle if its Name is presented on the first blank line in the introduction. The next blank space (after the term “…With A Mailing Address Of”) should have the Building Number, Street Name, applicable Suite Number, City, State, Zip Code where the Vehicle Owner receives mail reported on it. If this is a P.O. Box Address, make sure the information you input is up-to-date and accurate. Now that we have solidified the Vehicle Owner who shall grant Principal Power through this paperwork, we will need to do the same for the Agent who shall receive this power then act according to the Principal’s instructions. Use the third empty line in this statement (following the words “…Grants To”) to present the full Name of the Agent. The Mailing Address of the Agent should also be entered into this paragraph. Enter the Agent’s Complete Mailing Address on the blank space that precedes the parentheses label “(Agent).”

3 – A Clear Description Of The Vehicle And Owner Must Be Included

Once the above paragraph has been supplied with the information that it requests, we will need to turn our attention to the one-row table just below it. Use the boxes in this table to record the “Year,” “Make,” “Model,” “Style,” “VIN Number,” and the last “Odometer” reading of the Vehicle the Principal will grant authority over to the Agent. Make sure the information supplied here is accurate since the SC DMV will use it to identify the vehicle the Agent holds authority over. At the beginning of this document, we had to identify the Principal Vehicle Owner. The task of identifying this party will continue below the table. In this next part of the document, we will disclose the type of entity the Principal is by documenting some additional information. If the Principal is an individual then, locate the first two blank spaces under the underlined phrase “Individual’s Name.” Utilize this area to report eh Principal’s “Date Of Birth” and “Social Security Number.” If the Principal is not an individual then leave this area blank and tend to the next statement. If the Principal Vehicle Owner is a business entity, such as a corporation or private company, then you must report this entity’s “Federal ID/EIN Number” (Employer Identification Number) to the blank space on the blank space beneath the underlined term “Company’s Name.”

4 – The Notarized Principal Signature Of Execution Is A Required Item

Take a moment to review this paperwork in full. Any information requested on this form that is on the books with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles must appear precisely as it does in this institution’s records. When you are satisfied the information is correct then the Principal Vehicle Owner must sign his or her Name on the line attached the “Principal’s Signature” label then enter the current Calendar Date on the “Date” line. This final piece of information will act as the Signature Date and Execution Date. After signing this document, the Principal must release it to the Notary Public who has witnessed this action. He or she will verify the signature is authentic by subjecting this paperwork to the Notarization process.