South Carolina Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

Create an official, attorney-reviewed document

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Updated June 07, 2023

A South Carolina Real Estate Power of Attorney Form acts as a legal document detailing a property owner’s designation of principal power to their agent. Often, such written approval is mandatory by the institutions where an agent represents the principal. In fact, if an agent cannot prove that he or she has been granted the principal power to represent the principal, he or she will likely be unable to carry out the directives the principal has issued. Naturally, the principal will need to execute this paperwork through a valid signature to demonstrate their intent after providing the required information.

Once the appointment is made and the document has been acknowledged, the agent will be able to oversee all the actions required by the principal and by law that would be needed to care for, conduct sales, or perform other transactions regarding the concerned property. The principal will retain the right to revoke the document any time he or she believes is necessary.