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South Carolina Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

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South Carolina Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A South Carolina Revocation of Power of Attorney Form is used to terminate the current use of an agent’s principal powers. When a principal grants his or her authority to an agent, it must be done in writing. Similarly, if the principal has decided that such an appointment must terminate, then he or she must put this forth in writing. This type of paperwork will need to be applied physically to the Agent for it to be effective. Thus, a physical copy must be executed and issued by the principal then given to the agent. Additional copies should also be provided to any entity that has received a copy of the power of attorney document that is being terminated. These actions must be completed so that anyone who assumes the agent still represents the principal may be expected to act upon such an assumption once this revocation has been successfully delivered to him or her.

How to Write

1 – The Revocation Of Appointment Template Should Be Downloaded Here

This revocation can be obtained directly through any of the buttons furnished with the preview picture on this page. Download a copy at your discretion when you are ready.

2 – The Category Of The Previously Issued Principal Powers Should Be Reported

This Principal Revocation will need to start by classifying the sort of Principal Powers being revoked. Normally, such Authority may be classified as “Health Care Powers” (first checkbox) or “Financial Powers” (second checkbox). If neither of these classifications applies then, mark the third checkbox and enter what types of Powers are being revoked on the blank line after the word “Other.” Mark one of the three boxes at presented at the top of this page.  

3 – The Principal And The Document That Appointed The Revoked Powers Must Be Declared

The body of this template will also need some information reported in specific areas. This will supplement the language in a manner that applies this revocation to the previously issued Authority. Use the first blank line in this paragraph to record the Principal’s Legal Name. Next, we will need to make sure the appointment form being terminated or revoked here is clearly defined so there is no question as to what Powers are being terminated and whose Principal Power is being revoked. Begin by recording the Full Title of the paperwork being revoked on the blank space following the words “…Covering Decisions Of The Document Titled”It is standard to use an appointment’s Execution Date to properly reference it. We will need to record the Execution Date of the concerned appointment document on the blank lines following the words “…Previously Executed On The”

4 – Each Attorney-in-Fact Involved Must Be Named To Revoke His Or Her Principal Powers

The Attorneys-in-Fact and Alternate Agents named in the previous Appointment as being the recipients of Principal Authority will also need to be named so the Principal Authority assigned to them through the revoked appointment can be terminated. Enter the Legal Name of the Attorney-in-Fact on the empty line that follows the word “…Appointed” then on the line that precedes the term “…As My Alternate Successor Agent” fill in the Alternate Agent’s Name. Each of these Names must be transcribed precisely from the appointment being revoked. Note: Each Attorney-in-Fact and Successor Agent in the previous appointment must be named thus if there is not enough space you may continue the roster of agents on a separate sheet of paper then attached it to this template before the Principal signs it.

5 – The Principal’s Signature Date And Signature Must Be Provided By The Principal

At the bottom of this page, several more items will be required. Only the revoking Principal may satisfy these items. He or she will need to record the Date this template is being signed in the sentence starting with the words “This Revocation Was Signed The…”Below this, the Principal must produce his or her Signature and Printed Name in the area provided.

6 – This Revocation Should Be Notarized

Once signed, the Principal should give this document to the Notary Public in attendance so that it may be notarized