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South Dakota Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

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South Dakota Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A South Dakota Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form enables parents to empower an agent with the ability and authority to safeguard the well-being of their children when they are otherwise unavailable or unattainable. Parental authority is oftentimes necessary for a child’s life whether it is the day-to-day concerns of homework and class trips or more traumatic scenarios where a doctor must require a decision on a child’s treatment. Naturally, the prepared parent will want to make sure that even if he or she is not able to physically be there (i.e. he or she has been deployed in the military or is about to undergo long-term in-patient treatment), any parental care required by his or her child is provided immediately when necessary. However, since childcare is a sensitive topic, any temporary guardian will need paperwork from a child’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) proving he or she does have the right to represent that child’s interests. This document will supply such paperwork nicely once it is filled out to set the Parent’s intent to delegate his or her parental authority to the attorney-in-fact its names as the temporary guardian.

How to Write

1 – Download The Template To Assign An Attorney-in-Fact Guardian Powers Over A Minor

First, locate the image on this page. The buttons presented with this image enable you to pick the file type for the paperwork that must be filled out. Download the file format you wish to work with.

2 – Produce Several Requested Items To Complete The Principal’s Statement

The first blank line of this paperwork will need the full Name of the Principal supplied to it. The Principal of this document is the Parent or current Guardian of the Child. This entity is the person who will convey Guardian Powers to the Attorney-in-Fact and must sign this form. The Residential Address of the Principal Guardian (or Parent) will also need to be established here. On the empty line following the words “…Whose Address Is,” enter the Principal Guardian’s current Residential Address as a Building Number, Street Name, Unit Number, City, State, and Zip CodeNow we will need to identify the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact. Supply this entity’s Legal Name on the third blank line. The Residential Address of the Guardian Attorney-in-Fact should be produced on the fourth blank line. To conclude the Identity Report, you must identify who the concerned Child is. First, indicate the Child’s Status. Indicate if the Principal Guardian is the Child’s Parent by marking the checkbox labeled “Child” or if the Principal Guardian is Court Appointed by marking the checkbox labeled “Ward.”The Child’s Full Name should be placed on the bank line that precedes the phrase “Born On.” Once this has been supplied, record the Child’s Birth Date using the two blank lines after this phrase.

3 – The Principal Must Date Then Sign This Template Before A Notary Public For Its Execution

When the Principal is ready to execute this paperwork, he or she must record the Signature Date across the empty spaces after the words “Dated This…”The line bearing the label “Signature” requires the Principal’s Signature furnished immediately after he or she enters the Date in the above statement. Once this template has been signed by the Principal before a Notary Public, the Notary Public will supply the notary items required using the rest of this page.