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South Dakota Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

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South Dakota Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A South Dakota Revocation of Power of Attorney Form can be used to terminate a current or active power document. Only the principal who has issued such paperwork may terminate it. Thus, this document will require the active participation of the principal at the time of its execution. Additionally, it is important that each agent, successor agent, and third party relying on the previous document as validation for the terminated powers be provided with a copy of this one. This is because anyone who acts under a terminated POA may not be liable if they had no knowledge that it was terminated.

How to Write

1 – You May Obtain The Revocation Of An Appointment Of Power Here

Click on one of the buttons that are displayed with the template picture on this page. The button you click will be labeled by the type of file it accesses. You may prepare this paperwork live (on-screen) if you have an editing program compatible with your choice. In the absence of such a program, you may use your browser to open a PDF version then print it.

2 – A Power Classification On The Revocation Must Be Supplied

The upper left-hand portion of this page contains a three-item checklist. The type of Principal Power that will be revoked here will need to be indicated by marking one of these check boxes. You may classify this Power as a “Health Care Power,” a “Financial Power,” or under a category, you provide on the line for the choice labeled “Other.”

3 – Produce A Report On The Principal And The Desired Revocation

The text supplied to this paperwork will act as a Principal declaration that the Power appointed to an Attorney-in-Fact must be terminated. This language will, of course, need the basic facts provided so that it may be applied by the Principal. Begin this process by documenting the Principal’s Full Name. This may be placed on the first blank line. Next, we will establish the Title of the paperwork the Principal wishes to revoke on the second empty line. The Title of the revoked document must be accompanied by its Execution Date so that it may be reliably identified. Three blank areas are supplied after the term “…I Previously Executed On The” so that each Date component will have its own area. The revoked Power Appointment will have a recipient who is currently able to wield Principal Power. The Legal Name of each Attorney-in-Fact named with Principal Power in the revoked paperwork must be furnished in the area after the word “…Appointed.”If any Alternate Agents or Successor Agents have been named in the previously Granted Authority, then list the Full and Legal Name of each one.

4 – This Written Revocation Must Be Signed By The Principal

This revocation will not be considered a valid representation of the Principal’s intent unless it is signed by the Principal. He or she should provide the Date of his or her Signature in the last statement of the Principal declaration. This sentence shall supply three spaces for the Signature Date. The Principal should sign the “Signature Of Principal” line and Print his or her Name below this. The “Notary Acknowledgement” page of this paperwork will serve as the staging area for the notarization of this signing