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Tennessee Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Tennessee Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Tennessee Limited Power of Attorney Form is used to delegate principal power to an attorney-in-fact if that principal wishes to restrain the agent’s ability to represent them to one or two specific matters and/or a predetermined period of time. An appointment of this nature will focus more on the completion of a specific principal goal rather than a long-term delegation of his or her authority. The agent selected here will be prevented from overstepping the boundaries the principal sets through the language this form presents.

How to Write

1 – The Paperwork Produced To Delegate A Limited Principal Power Must Be Accessed

Utilize one of the buttons appearing below the preview image to obtain a copy of the delegation form to grant Limited Powers to an Attorney-in-Fact. This file is available as a PDF, ODT, or Word file and may be downloaded at your convenience in any of these formats.

2 – The Statement Declaring This Delegation Requires Attention

This template will contain some specific language that must be applied whenever a Principal must appoint or delegate his or her Authority (in a limited capacity) to his or her Attorney-in-Fact. Naturally, due to the nature of this document, each of these entities will need to be clearly identified so the Principal’s preferences can be carried out in a reliable manner. We will begin by identifying who is appointing the Attorney-in-Fact with his or her Authority. Locate the empty line labeled “Full Name” just after the words “…That I” then enter the Principal’s Name in this area. Now, on the blank space labeled “Social Security Number,” document the Social Security Number of the Principal dispensing his or her Authority. The next line that must have information supplied to it is also labeled “Full Name.” Find the blank line after the words “…Limited And Specific Power Of Attorney To” then, record the Attorney-in-Fact’s Name on this line. This entity will accept the Principal Power delivered through this document and use it to carry out Principal Functions under Principal direction. The next available line is subdivided. The left side will be labeled “Address” while the right side is labeled “Phone.” Both of these areas will require Attorney-in-Fact information. Thus, enter the Street Address and Contact Telephone Number of the Attorney-in-Fact on the blank line following his or her reported Name.

3 – Use This Template To Define The Limited Powers

At the heart of the Principal’s declaration statement is the intent to assign an Attorney-in-Fact with Limited Principal Power. The type of Principal Powers assigned and the manner in which they are limited will rely strictly on Principal Preferences and what is legally allowed. The three blank lines in the center of this template (below the words “…Only The Following Acts On My Behalf”) shall supply a designated area to report what precisely are the Principal Actions the Attorney-in-Fact may engage in on behalf of the Principal. This definition of Principal Power delivered to the Attorney-in-Fact must be an exact report. If more room is required to fully report the Powers being granted, you may use a compatible program to simply add more lines in this area or (if entering information manually) you may continue on a separate paper then attach it to this delegation.

4 – Principal Action To Execute These Powers Is Mandatory

The Principal is required to provide a verifying Signature to prove the authenticity of this delegation. Since this item must be assigned to a Date, the Principal should locate the sentence beginning with the words “Signed This” then use the three empty spaces provided to record the Calendar Day, Month, and Year of Signature. This form will be completed when the Principal signs his or her Name to the “Signature” line. Once this signature is provided, no additions or alterations can be made to this document.