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Texas General (Financial) Power of Attorney

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Texas General (Financial) Power of Attorney

Updated August 09, 2023

A Texas General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form is a universal power of attorney that allows you to grant broad powers to the person of your choice to handle your affairs. It covers a wide range of authorities, so it is important that you think carefully about who you would choose for this role. You will want to consider integrity, reliability, availability, and expertise. You will also want this person to act in your best interests as if you were acting for yourself.


How to Write

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1 – Some Basic Information Is Required By The Language Set In This Paperwork

This form will need to be signed before a Notary Public by the Principal however, some information will be required so that it properly designates the General Principal Powers of the Grantor to his or her Agent or Attorney-in-Fact. Notice the first blank line in the top left-hand corner of the page. Make sure it is filled out with the Name of the County where this document is executed. The main paragraph will need some preparation before it is signed and notarized. Use the blank line after the words “That, I…” to document the First, Middle, and Last Name of the Principal. If any suffixes are normally included in this party’s Name, make sure to record this as well. The reported Full Name of the Principal should be followed by the Name of the County where the Principal lives. The language in this document will identify the Principal in his or her role then designate General Authority over Principal Matters to a specific entity. On the empty line after the words “…Hereby Constitute And Appoint” record the Legal First, Middle, and Last Name of this Agent or Attorney-in-Fact. It will also be important to further identify the Agent above, so make sure to document the County where he or she lives using the next available space.

2 – This Execution Necessitates The Principal’s Notarized Signature

This type of appointment will have to be clearly authenticated in some manner so that it may be taken as a true representation of the Principal’s wishes. A Notarized Principal Signature is a tool that will address this requirement nicely. First, the Principal must supply the current Date when he or she is in the Notary’s Office to sign this paperwork. The sentence that starts with the phrase “Witness My Hand This…” supplies a blank separate blank space for the Calendar Day, Calendar Month, and Calendar Year of the Principal’s Signature Date. The Principal must supply these items personally at the time of signing The blank space beneath the Principal’s self-reported Signature Date is reserved so the Principal can sign his or her Name on the Signature Date above. Once the Principal has supplied his or her Signature this paperwork should be relinquished to the Notary Public notarizing this signing. This entity will fill out the “Acknowledgment” section.

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