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Texas Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Texas Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Texas Limited Power of Attorney Form provides a way for you to grant someone (whom you trust) the authority to act on your behalf and in your stead for a predetermined transaction. This form can be tailored to apply only to a limited transaction or a specific time frame. When describing the situation for which you want your representative to act, make sure it is clear and concise so that there are no questions raised as to what you meant when you wrote it.

How to Write

1 – The Paperwork To Designate Limited Powers In Texas Is On This Page

Proper documentation will be required when delegating Limited or Specific Authority over a Principal’s affairs to an Attorney-in-Fact. Obtain the paperwork on this page by selecting one of the buttons underneath this template’s preview picture

2 -Supply The Body Of This Delegation With The Information Required To Deliver Authority

The main area of this paperwork will need some basic but crucial facts supplied in the empty spaces it contains. The Name of the Principal empowering an Agent with his or her Authority should be entered in the first empty space.  In addition to his or her Name, the Principal’s Complete Residential Address should be recorded on the second blank line. The next part of this document shall call attention to the Attorney-in-Fact. Document the First, Middle, and Last Name of this entity on the third available space Next, fill in the current Street Address and Phone Number in the areas labeled “Address” and “Phone”The final requirement for the preparation of this paperwork will be a formal declaration of precisely what the Principal Authorizes the Attorney-in-Fact to do in his or her Name. This information will need to be supplied on the three blank lines presented on the blank lines below the words “…Only The Following Acts On My Behalf”

3 – A Verifiable Signature From The Principal Is Required For This Paperwork’s Completion

Near the bottom of this page, at the end of the declaration statement, the Principal has been supplied a Signature area which only he or she can satisfy. The last sentence here (“Signed This…”) contains three areas where the Principal can document the official Date he or she is signing this document. He or she should record this as a Two-Digit Calendar Day, a Month Name, and a Two-Digit Calendar YearThe Signature must sign his or her Name to this paperwork. The “Signature” line has been placed beneath the Signature Date statement above. The Principal must sign this line on the reported Date, if and only if, it has been completed accurately and any required attachments are present. The Notary Public will supply all the items called for by the remainder of this paperwork. His or her actions will notarize the Principal Signing.