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Virginia Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

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Virginia Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Virginia Revocation of Power of Attorney Form is used for revoking a power of attorney (POA) that you already have executed. In addition to filling out the form, it is important that you provide notice to everyone who has a copy of your old POA by providing them with a copy of the revocation document. If a person relies on your old POA and they did not have notice that you revoked it, they may not be liable for their action.

How to Write

1 – Paperwork To Revoke Authority In Virginia Should Be Obtained

Locate the preview picture of this template. The captioned buttons below this image will link to the labeled file version of the template required to revoke a Principal Authority.

2 – Determine Then Report The Type Of Granted Authority To Revoke

This paperwork shall open with three checkboxes. Each of these items can be used to define what kind of Authority a Power of Attorney delivers. Mark the checkbox that most accurately describes the Principal Powers being revoked here. Select either the checkbox labeled “Health Care Powers” or “Financial Powers” to define these revoked Powers. If neither of these categories provides an accurate definition, then mark the “Other” checkbox and disclose the category on the blank line supplied here.

3 – Satisfy The Areas Requesting Information Regarding The Revocation

Directly below the checklist will be a passage where the Principal officially announces his or her intention to revoke an Attorney-in-Fact’s Principal Authority. Naturally, you will need to transcribe information from the previously issued document to this one so that it may be applied correctly. The first available blank line in the body will call for the Full Name of the Principal as it is recorded on the original Power document to be displayed. Make sure the Principal’s Name is reported identically to the way it appears on the Power Document. The second and third blank spaces will need some technical information regarding the Power Document the Principal intends to revoke. Transcribe the Full Document Title from the original Delegation Paperwork to the second blank space in the body of this page. Once done, locate the Execution Date listed on the previous Power Document and produce it using the three blank spaces after the words “…Previous Executed On The” Next, we will need to name each individual who can or does serve as the Principal’s Agent as per the Power Document. On the blank space after the phrase “…Which Appointed” and the term “As My Agent,” present the Full Name of each Attorney-in-Fact. In addition to this, the name of every Alternate or Successor Agent possessing the potential of wielding the Principal Power through the previous Power Document should be supplied just before the words “…As My Alternate Successor Agent.”

4 – The Issuing Principal Executes This Revocation By Signing It

The conclusion of this template will present a statement (“This Revocation Was Signed The”) with three empty lines. The Principal should enter the Calendar Date when this revocation is being signed here. The two blank lines below the conclusion will seek the Signature and Printed Name of the Principal who is revoking the Powers he or she has previously delegated. Two blank lines “Signature Of Principal” and “Print Name” have been supplied strictly for the Principal’s use when it is time to execute this revocation. The second page of this document is the “Notary Acknowledgement” page where the Notary Public viewing this execution will substantiate it with the notarization process.