Vermont Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

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Updated June 02, 2022

A Vermont Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form will have to be submitted to the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles so that an agent can perform administrative tasks with your vehicle. That is, if you need an individual to physically go to the Vermont DMV to perform certain tasks regarding your vehicle then, he or she will need to have both your approval and the approval of the Vermont DMV to do so. It is worth noting this paperwork can be considered a type of “limited” power of attorney because it is used for a specific limited purpose. In addition, it will only be valid proof of your authorization of the agent’s actions with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

How to Write

1 – Select The Version You Wish To Work With

The caption buttons for the image on this page will deliver access to the Vermont paperwork required to Name an Attorney-in-Fact with the Principal Authority to engage in decision making and actions over the concerned Principal Vehicle.

2 – Arrange For A Licensed Technician To Supply Some Information

The Vehicle being discussed will need to be presented through this paperwork. This will need the participation of a qualified Technician/Mechanic with the credentials required to inspect the Vehicle. Bring this document in to a licensed Technician/Mechanic so that he or she can supply items such as the Service Station Name, his or her Certified Technician Name, Number, and Signature then Vehicle items such as its Year, Make, Model, Style, VIN #, Odometer reading, and a few other items of information to the second page.

3 – Satisfy The Information Requirements Of This Template

The first page of this document can be filled out by the Principal or a Preparer. It will need the Principal and a Notary Public’s direct involvement to execute it. Locate the first blank space then supply the Vehicle Owner’s Full Name (Principal). The second blank space in the body of this document will require the Complete Name of the Attorney-in-Fact who will be granted the same level of Authority over the Vehicle as its owner.

4 – A Principal Signature And Self Report Are Required For Proper Documentation

The Principal Vehicle Owner or an Authorized Representative of the Business Entity that owns the Vehicle must sign his or her Name on the line labeled “Duly Authorized Officer Of Company Or Individual”If the Signature Party is a human being that owns the Vehicle, then he or she must supply some credentials. Using the statement after the bold word “Note,” the Principal will have to submit his or her Birth Date and Social Security Number in the appropriately formatted spaces of this statement. If the Signature Party is an Authorized Representative of a Company that owns the Vehicle, then its Federal Entity Identification Number should be recorded on the blank space supplied at the end of the “If This Power Of Attorney Is In A Company’s Name…”This will conclude the Preparer and/or Vehicle Owner items after this document has been signed and the Vehicle Owner Entity Type has been identified, a Notary Public will need to supply the remainder of the items requested on this form in the Notarization section below the Principal’s Signature area.