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Washington Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form TD-420-050)

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Washington Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form TD-420-050)

Updated June 02, 2022

A Washington vehicle power of attorney, or ‘Form TD-420-050’, can be utilized to designate another person to handle vehicle registration and title with the Washington State Dept. of Licensing (DOL). When properly filled out and submitted, this paperwork will allow the agent to perform actions with your vehicle such as securing, or releasing, a Washington title and/or registration. Only the principal vehicle owner or someone with the power to represent this entity can deliver this type of power over a vehicle. Similarly, only the principal vehicle owner who has issued this document and approved an agent’s use of his or her name can revoke this paperwork (in writing).  Both actions can be performed at the discretion of the principal.

How to Write

1 – Obtain The Washington Template To Appoint Principal Power Over A Vehicle

Some paperwork will need to be submitted in order to deliver Principal Powers over a Vehicle. Download this paperwork from the buttons provided under the image preview.

2 – Produce The Requested Vehicle Information

The onset of this form will seek to define the concerned Vehicle. Since the nature of this information will range from the general to the specific, a table has been provided so this information can be presented adequately. Use the table at the top of the page to record the “Vehicle License Plate/Vessel Registration Number” and “Vehicle Identification Number Or Hull Identification Number,” along with the Vehicle’s “Year,” “Make,” “Series/Body Type,” and “Title Number.” Notice this table will work equally well for both automobiles and motorized sea vessels. 3 – Releasing Interest Appropriately

The Lienholder must elect a Signature Party, then have that party Print his or her Name, report his or her Title, and sign his or her Name on the blank lines provided in the section titled “Lienholder’s Release Of Interest.” Enough space has been provided so that up to two Lienholder Signatures can be provided.  

The next section, “Registered Owner’s Release Of Interest,” requires the Printed Name and Signature of the Vehicle Owner supplied on the blank lines labeled as “Type Or Print Registered Owner Name” and “Signature Of Registered Owner The Release of Interest portion of this document will conclude with a Notarization area where the Notary Public who has observed these signatures can supply his or her information and stamp. Only this entity can supply the items required here.

4 – Appointing The Vehicle Powers To The Agent

The next area of this document, “Power Of Attorney,” will require the Name of the Attorney-in-Fact on the first blank line. This is the person who is being designated with the Principal Authority to handle the Vehicle’s affairs on behalf of the Principal

Below the declaration, each Vehicle Owner must supply his or her Printed Name on the blank line labeled “Type Or Print Name Of Person Granting Power Of Attorney.” This must be followed by his or her Driver’s License Number (or similar I.D. such as a Passport) on the blank line labeled “Driver License Or ID Card Number.” Finally, the Vehicle Owner must sign the line labeled “Signature Of Person Granting Power Of Attorney.” The Principal Execution Must Occur With A Notary Public so this signing can be notarized. The “Notarization/Certification” section must be notarized by this entity regardless if the above section was notarized. This notarization may only occur when the Principal Vehicle Owner signs this document.