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Wisconsin Limited Power of Attorney Form

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Wisconsin Limited Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Wisconsin Limited Power of Attorney Form may be used when you have a discrete situation requiring a proper representation. If you are unable to meet such a responsibility then you can appoint an agent to represent you temporarily in as specific a manner as you dictate. When you write this, it is important that you are clear about what you want your representative to do and for how long you want him or her to do it. That way you will limit any questions or concerns when it comes time for your representative to act.

How to Write

1 – Save The Template On This Page To Dispense Limited Principal Power In Wisconsin

You may acquire the template to name and designate an Agent with a Limited amount of Principal Power by selecting the appropriate file type then saving it to your computer. Use the buttons in the caption area to do so at your convenience.

2 – The Paragraph Introduction Of This Paperwork Needs Specific Information Supplied Where Requested

Four blank lines in the first paragraph will need five items of information before it may be considered complete. Use the first two blank lines here to fill in “Full Name” of the Principal then, his or her Complete Address The next two blank lines will be labeled so you may have the space to supply the next three items of information. Fill in the Full Name, Address, and Telephone Number of the Agent who will use Principal Power to act in the Principal’s interests.

3 – Detail Each Principal Authority To Approve The Agent’s Use Of Principal Authority

The Principal Authority referred to here will have to be adequately described so that it (or they) can be assigned to the Agent. A few blank lines, each with a number, enable this delegation of Power to be defined directly onto this document (whether you are inputting information using a compatible program or manually). You may use an attachment if you need more room for a complete report to be supplied. Make sure each Principal Authority is described specifically as the Agent will have to behave according to the contents you provide.

4 – A Principal Defined Signature Date Must Accompany His Or Her Execution

The Signature Date, when the signing of this document occurs, is a required item. This should be documented as a Two-Digit Calendar Day, a Full Name of the Month, and a Two-Digit Year filled out on the spaces appropriate to the requested information The Principal must sign the blank space under this statement

The Notary Public must use the final area for the notarization process to be completed.