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Wisconsin Power of Attorney Forms

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Wisconsin Power Of Attorney Forms function as the documentation that you, as a principal, should provide to your agent as proof of the representational rights he or she holds with your affairs. The set of documents making up these forms are each tailored to a different purpose. This is because the language required to appoint someone to represent you with medical treatment will be quite different from that required to give someone the right to handle your financial affairs. Many types of POAs exist depending on the circumstances and situations for which they are needed. Thus, some POAs allow you to confer a broad range of powers on another, while others are for a limited or specific transaction or purpose. It will be your decision to decide which power document best suits your needs.

LawsChapter 244 (Uniform Power of Attorney for Finances and Property)

All Types

Durable Power of Attorney – This type of form is used when you wish to confer broad financial powers on another to take action on your behalf. Often people use this form for long-term planning purposes in anticipation of the possibility of getting to the point where they cannot take care of their own matters and want someone in place to handle things.

General Power of Attorney – This type of document is similar to the durable type because it allows you to grant someone the ability to act in your stead in your financial matters. The difference lies in the duration. This type terminates automatically when the principal becomes incapacitated.

Limited (Springing) Power of Attorney – This sort of form is for use when you wish to tailor the powers you are granting to your representative to a specific event or time frame.

Minor Child Power of Attorney – Delegate parental rights over a minor child for a period of up to one (1) year to another person.

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  • Signing Requirements (48.979(2)): The agent receiving parental rights must sign. While not required, a notary public should witness the signatures and notarize the document.

Medical (Health Care) Power of Attorney – You may use this form to appoint a loved one to act for you in the unfortunate event that you are unable to act on or communicate your health care wishes.

Real Estate Power of Attorney – Allows an individual to transfer the authority to handle real property under Section 244.44.

Revocation of Power of Attorney – May be used in the event you seek to cancel or terminate an existing POA that you may have entered into in the past.

Tax Power of Attorney (Form A-222) – For use when you want to appoint a professional tax adviser to make filings, answer questions or handle other matters with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

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  • Signing Requirements: No Additional Signatures Required

Vehicle Power of Attorney – You would use this type to make someone your agent in order to take actions involving the titling and registration of your motor vehicle.