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Wisconsin Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form

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Wisconsin Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Form should be filled out then dispensed to your agent and relevant parties when you wish to name a representative who is authorized to wield the same authority you do. Commonly, this type of paperwork is useful when an individual seeks either the precautionary measure of having a trusted relative or friend in place to handle his or her financial affairs if incapacitated or as a matter of convenience. For instance, you may need to take a trip out of the country while negotiating a piece of real estate. Obviously, having a representative named and approved to represent you can be very useful. This paperwork is often used in financial planning as well because the representative can continue to act after the principal (the person who created the document) is no longer considered competent. It should be noted you will have access to your financial information, accounts, and assets at all times and the effectiveness of this type of principal authority exists only so long as it is not been revoked or canceled.

Laws – § 244.04

Medical (Health Care) Power of Attorney – Your trusted family member or friend will be legally authorized to care for your health and make medical decisions on your behalf once this form has been completed.

How to Write

1 – The Wisconsin Delegation Template On This Page Must Be Saved To Your Computer

The file previewed on this page has been developed as a tool to delegate Principal Authority in Wisconsin to an Agent. Download this file in any of the formats labeled on the caption buttons. Once it has been downloaded and filled out, it may be dispensed accordingly. An area on the second page (to the right of the disclosure) has been included so that the Name and Address where it may be returned may be presented. An area for the Parcel Identification Number (Tracking Number) has also been supplied.

2 – Furnish Party Information To The Areas On The First Page

In order to prepare this document for the Principal Signing, we must produce information to its contents where requested. The section titled “Designation Of Agent” will be the first area that requires completion.  The line designated with the parentheses label “(Name Of Principal)” calls for the First, Middle, and Last Name of the individual whose Authority will be granted to the designated Agent. The next three blank spaces will each be labeled with the information they require. Fill in the Name, Address, and Telephone Number of the individual the Principal is appointing with his or her Authority on the lines after the respective labels “Name Of Agent,” “Agent’s Address,” “Agent’s Telephone Number.” The Successor Agent and Second Successor Agent will also have sections where we may fill in their information. If the Principal has decided the Principal Authority here must be designated to a specific individual if or when the Primary Agent cannot act with Principal Power, this individual’s Name, Address, and Telephone Number should be recorded on the first three available spaces in the “Designation Of Successor Agent(s)” section The next three blank lines, after the words “I Name As My 2nd Successor Agent.” This entity is the person who will be appointed Principal Power by default if the Primary Agent and Successor Agent are both unable to wield Principal Authority.

3 – The Principal Powers Appointed Here And Any Instructions Or Limitations Must Be Solidified

The Agent can only wield Principal Powers if the Principal has detailed what type of Authority he or she is appointing to the Agent and supplying proof of his or her Approval. These requirements will be handled nicely through a comprehensive list of the different types of Principal Authority that can be appointed to the Agent. The Principal can simultaneously document and approve each Authority he or she is delivering to the Agent by initialing the subject items on this list that should fall under the Agent’s Principal Authority If the Principal does not wish to give the Agent Carte Blanche in wielding the Principal Power assigned to him or her then, he or she should describe the limitations and/or restrictions that should be imposed on the Agent’s use of the granted Principal Powers. This report may be supplied in the section labeled “Special Instructions.” It should be noted this section can deliver any Principal Directive that should be applied such as a specific Start Date and Termination Date to the granted Principal Authority

4 – A Nomination Area Has Been Produced In The Interests Of Fully Defining Principal

The “Nomination Of Guardian (Optional)” section presents the Principal with a tool to nominate a specific individual to be the Guardian of his or her Person/Estate. In some cases, the courts may decide that a Guardian must be appointed (through the courts) to handle Principal affairs if he or she is incapacitated. The existence of a Principal Agent may not necessarily prevent this decision. However, if such an appointment is deemed a necessity, a Principal Nomination will be strongly considered in most cases.

To nominate a Guardian of Estate through this paperwork, document his or her Full Name, Address, and Telephone Number in the “Nomination Of Guardian (Optional)” section, using the first three blank lines (“Name Of Nominee For Guardian Of My Estate,” “Nominee’s Address,” and “Nominee’s Telephone Number”). If nominating a Guardian of the Principal’s Person, then fill in the nominee’s Full Name, Address, and Telephone Number on the lines “Name Of Nominee For Guardian Of My Person,” “Nominee’s Address,” and “Nominee’s Telephone Number.”

5 – The Principal’s Acknowledgment Signature Should Be Notarized

The Principal will have a separate area to supply his or her Execution items. This requires the Principal’s Signature and Signature Date on the lines labeled “Your Signature” and “Date” in the “Signature And Acknowledgment” section. The Printed Name, Address, and Telephone Number must be supplied with the Principal’s Signature on the next three blank lines. The Notary Public in attendance will utilize the area under the Principal’s reported contact information to notarize this document

6 – The Agent’s Paperwork

The next couple of page will be concerned with the Agent. There will be a disclosure of responsibilities with a practice area set within it. The Agent should utilize this tool after fully reading this area.

The last section “Optional Signature Of Agent” enables both Principal and Agent the opportunity to solidify the Agent’s acceptance and understanding of the Principal Powers conferred through this document

The last page “Agent’s Certification As To The Validity Of Power Of Attorney For Finances And Property And Agent’s Authority” requires some basic information (State, County, Agent’s Name, Principal’s Name, Relevant Statements) and the Agent’s Dated Signature.

The Agent’s Signature will have its own notarization area.