Wisconsin Last Will and Testament Template

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Updated March 30, 2023

A Wisconsin last will and testament is a legal document in which a testator (person to whom the will belongs) states their final wishes regarding the distribution of their estate upon death. For most testators, the main priority will be the continued protection of a spouse and/or children. A testator can bequeath real and personal property, fiduciary assets, cash-on-hand, life insurance policies, and any other portion of their estate among designated beneficiaries. The will may also be used to appoint an executor of the will or personal representative who will appropriately handle the estate.

A will must be signed by the testator before two (2) credible, competent witnesses to be legally recognized under Wisconsin law. Though optional, a will can be notarized for extra legal protection. This document may be amended or revoked at any time by the testator.

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Signing Requirements

Shall be signed by the Testator and by two (2) Witnesses. (Section 853.03)

State Definition

Unless the context or subject matter indicates otherwise, “Will” includes a codicil and any document incorporated by reference in a testamentary document. “Will” does not include a copy, unless the copy has been proven as a will, but “will” does include a properly executed duplicate original.

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