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Wyoming Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

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Wyoming Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

Updated June 07, 2023

A Wyoming Power of Attorney Revocation form may be used in the event that you wish to terminate or cancel a power of attorney you may have executed in the past. By filling out this form and providing a copy to your agent or attorney-in-fact and any successor agents, they are legally obligated to cease acting under the power of attorney. However, it is important that you provide them with the revocation. If they are not aware that it has been revoked, they may not be liable for continuing to act.

How to Write

1 – A Principal’s Revocation Can Be Drawn Up Through The Template On This Page

Download this document to fill it out. It will need some preliminary information required for a proper revocation of Principal Power before it may be issued. This template is accessible and may be obtained by opening and saving it using the preview image or its attached buttons

2 – The Heading Of This Paperwork Seeks A Classification Of Granted Powers

The first three items on this page each have a checkbox. You must mark one of these checkboxes to reveal what type of Principal Powers are being terminated here. You may classify the Principal Powers that must be terminated as “Health Care Powers,” “Financial Powers,” or some “Other” Principal Power. You may select any one of these checkboxes so long as it can be considered an accurate description of the previously granted Principal Authority. Make sure to provide a specific definition if you define the Granted Authority as “Other” using the blank line supplied

3 – The Principal And The Granted Powers Will Have To Be Defined

The paragraph in this document will focus its structure to declare the Principal’s intention of terminating the Authority he or she has previously appointed to an Attorney-in-Fact. This language has been standardized to apply to most situations where Principal Approval must be revoked but necessitates some material supplied to it. Begin with the presentation of the Principal’s First, Middle, and Last Name on the blank space labeled “[Name Of Principal]” The exact Title of the document the Principal used to issue the Granted Authority will also have to be displayed in the body of this template. Locate the blank space with the bracketed label “[Add Title Of Document]” and report this Title precisely as it appears on the original paperwork Additionally, the document’s official Execution Date should be transcribed onto the bracketed label “[Date]” after the words “…Previously Executed On” 

4 – Report The Agent(s) Whose Principal Authority Must Be Revoked

Now that we have distinguished both the Principal and the document that he or she used to delegate Principal Authority, we will have to name each Agent(s) or Attorney(s)-in-Fact whose Principal Authority will terminate as per this paperwork’s execution. On the line labeled “[Name Of Agent],” fill in the Full Name of the individual whose Principal Powers should be Revoked. If there are more than one, you may either issue this Template to each one individually or develop then attach a Roster with the Names of the remaining Attorney-in-Fact. If the Principal will also be revoking the Powers of a Successor, Alternate, or Substitute Agent or Attorney-in-Fact then each one must be listed as well. Record the name of any such entity on the previously issued document on the line designated with “[Name Of Alternate Agent]”

5 – Principal Should Sign This Revocation Before A Notary Public

This Termination form will only be valid if the above information has been accurately supplied and it has been signed by the Principal who has appointed the Powers defined in it. This execution process will begin with the Principal Signature Date filled out across the three blank areas after the words “Signed This…” As soon as the Principal fills in the current Calendar Date in the Signature Date statement, he or she should Print and Sign his or her Name on the blank lines labeled “Print Name Of Principal” and “Signature Of Principal” (respectively). The Notary Public viewing this signing will use the “Notary Acknowledgment” section of this document.