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Missouri Prenuptial Agreement Template

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Missouri Prenuptial Agreement Template

Updated May 17, 2023

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A Missouri prenuptial agreement is a written agreement that a couple may enter into prior to marriage to state each party’s rights regarding the ownership of property and assets. The main purpose of the contract is to predetermine the distribution of assets in the event that the marriage ends. By making such a contract, individuals can avoid lengthy court proceedings and legal disputes. Before creating the agreement, both parties must fully disclose all of their assets, holdings, and debts going into the marriage; failure to disclose all assets will void the contract.

Signing requirements (§ 451.220) – The agreement must be signed by both parties and a notary public or at least one (1) witness.


  • § 451.220 – Marriage contracts to be in writing, acknowledged or proved.
  • § 451.230How acknowledged or proved — to be recorded, where.
  • § 451.240 – Contract so recorded shall impart notice, to whom.
  • § 474.120 – Inheritance and statutory rights deemed waived, when.
  • § 474.220 – Waiver of right to elect.