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Arizona Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement

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Arizona Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement

Updated April 18, 2024

An Arizona commercial purchase and sale agreement is a real estate contract between an individual or entity who is interested in purchasing commercial property and the owner or representative of said property. The document will state the purchase price that the buyer is offering along with the financial terms of the offer. These terms usually include financial contingencies (loans and funding to be obtained by the buyer), earnest money deposits (advance financial deposits put into a trust in the interest of the seller), and closing conditions (final balance of purchase price after deductions, final payment, and date of ownership transfer). If the seller agrees to the terms of the buyer’s offer, both parties can sign the contract rendering it effective. The seller may also choose to negotiate, add to, or alter the agreement before agreeing to sign.


Real Estate Agency Disclosure and Election (Sample) – This document is used to disclose and select the types of agency relationships wherein a buyer and seller agree to be represented by an agent. Once completed, the form must be signed by the buyer and seller.

Realtor Version

Arizona Association of RealtorsPDF (Sample)

Residential Property

Arizona Residential Purchase Agreement – Allows a buyer to purchase residential property from a willing seller.

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