New York Land Contract Template

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Updated February 12, 2022

A New York land contract records the terms and conditions of real estate transactions involving the transfer of ownership of vacant land. The contract serves to document all established conditions ranging from the agreed-upon sale price to any supplementary financial contingencies. Additionally, the agreement shall include all relevant legal descriptors of the land/lot for recording purposes. Upon reaching an accord and after all applicable diligence periods, both parties must execute the contract and set a closing date.

Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (NY Real Prop L § 462) – Sellers of unimproved, vacant land are not required to present potential buyers with a disclosure statement. However, sellers may choose to do so at their discretion by utilizing this form.

Where to Record? (NY Real Prop L § 291) – All deeds must be recorded with the Court Clerk’s Office of the county in which the property is located.

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Other Versions (3)

Greater Rochester Assoc. of REALTORS Version (Lots and Vacant Land)

Download: Adobe PDF




Elmira-Corning Regional Board of REALTORS Version (All Real Property)

Download: Adobe PDF




Committee on Real Property Law of the Assoc. of the Bar of NYC Version (Commercial Property)

Download: Adobe PDF




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