North Dakota Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

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Updated June 14, 2022

A North Dakota commercial real estate purchase and sale agreement is a contract used for business property transactions between buyers and sellers. The buyer will often use the document to present their offer to purchase, which will be accepted, refused, or negotiated by the seller. The contract must include all financial details of the transaction, such as the purchase price, financing, and deposits, as well as the terms of the closing. If the seller accepts the proposed agreement, the document must be signed by both parties, at which point it becomes effective. The contract will usually have contingencies which can present either party with the option to terminate the agreement; for example, the seller can terminate if the buyer is unable to obtain the necessary financing in time.

Residential Property

North Dakota Residential Purchase Agreement – A legal contract that contains the provisions necessary to achieve a successful real estate transaction between a buyer and an owner of residential property.

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