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Nebraska Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

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Nebraska Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

Updated July 31, 2023

A Nebraska commercial real estate purchase and sale agreement is a legal document whose terms are negotiated by a buyer and seller of commercial property. Along with the purchase price, the buyer will often provide an earnest money deposit to show their good faith (this deposit is often put into a trust to be held until closing). The offer may be conditional upon the buyer’s ability to secure financing for the transaction. It is also customary for the buyer to require inspections of the property prior to closing.


Agency Disclosure (§ 76-2419) – Licensed real estate agents must disclose the types of services they offer. They are also unable to act as dual agents without having a disclosure form signed by both buyer and seller.

Residential Property

Nebraska Residential Purchase Agreement – This document allows a buyer and a seller to define the terms and conditions of a residential property sale.

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