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South Carolina Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

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South Carolina Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

Updated August 01, 2023

A South Carolina commercial real estate purchase and sale agreement is a legal document establishing conditions for a transaction between a property owner and a buyer. The agreement addresses contingencies and financial terms that must be met before the transaction can become a legally binding arrangement. In all cases, the requirements will cover the purchase price and date when ownership of the property shall be transferred to the buyer. Other provisions should be considered during the negotiation process such as earnest money (security deposit) and home inspection procedures.


Disclosure of Real Estate Brokerage Relationships (§ 40-57-370) – This disclosure describes the different types of agency relationships offered by a brokerage firm. Prospective buyers and sellers must read and sign the disclosure at the first possible opportunity.

Realtor Version

South Carolina Association of Realtors PDF

Residential Property

South Carolina Residential Purchase Agreement – Used for residential real estate transactions between a buyer and a seller.

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