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Car (Vehicle) Parking Receipt Template

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A vehicle parking receipt indicates how much a person is being charged for parking their vehicle and allows them to reclaim their vehicle from the parking lot/garage/area. A parking receipt shows the parking attendant how many hours (or in some cases days) the vehicle was parked in the space and how much money the owner of the vehicle owes. Without the receipt, the attendant will not let the vehicle exit the parking area.

Important vehicle information is displayed on the receipt such as the vehicle’s make, model, year, and license plate number. If anything happens to the vehicle while in the parking area, i.e., damage or theft, the receipt can serve as a useful piece of evidence in a lawsuit. Drivers are charged a flat rate or an hourly rate for parking and, in some cases, if the vehicle remains in the parking lot after the allotted time period, they will be charged an additional increased hourly rate.

Vehicle Parking Rental Agreement – An agreement made with a parking garage or the owner of a parking space to rent on a weekly or monthly basis.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – Download The Car Parking Receipt Template

Save this document as a PDF, Word, or an ODT file. You may download any or all versions at your discretion. Keep in mind that if you wish to work on screen by directly inputting information to the contents of this receipt, you must use an editing program compatible with the file you have downloaded.


2 – Document The When The Concerned Vehicle Utilized The Parking Services Provided

Several facts will need to be established at the onset of this receipt. First, enter the “Date” this receipt is being generated in response to the payment that was submitted on the first blank space on the right (labeled with the word “Date”)  The first section, “Vehicle Information,” enables a basic identification of the concerned vehicle through a short series of labeled spaces. You will need to satisfy each empty line’s label with the information it names. Thus, use this area to record the concerned vehicle’s “Make,” “Model,” “Year,” and “License Plate #.”


3 – Detail The Parking Services Provided

The “Parking Information” section of this receipt is reserved for a clear description of the parking services the Vehicle Owner utilized for his or her vehicle. First, furnish the blank line “Parking Lot Address” with the physical location of the parking business’ lot. Traditionally, the time frame when a vehicle was parked on a specific lot will be the main factor in determining how much should be charged. Thus, record the “Start Time” and “End Time” on the blank spaces provided. Notice that each of these lines are attached to an “AM” and “PM” checkbox. When supplying these times make certain to indicate whether these times occurred in the morning or afternoon/evening.Find the statement “Parking Charges Will Be Calculated…” One of the two checkboxes below this statement must be marked and the information it requests supplied to complete this receipt. If the rate charged to the Parking Client was hourly, then mark the first check box. This statement will require the exact amount of money paid for every one hour of parking.IF the amount charged to the Parking Client was “A Flat Rate…” then check the second checkbox. This choice will need the flat rate amount that was charged to the Parking Client produced on the blank line attached to the dollar sign.In some cases, the parking stay may be for an extended length of time or for an unexpected length of time. In any case, if a special rate is charged after a number of “Hours” or “Days” then report this number on the first blank space in the next statement. You will need to check either the “Hours” or “Days” checkbox to provide a full report in this statement.

The second part of this statement requires you disclose the dollar amount that is charged for every hour the Client parked after the time frame you indicated.


4 – Report The Fees Charged And The Amount Paid

The final section of this document is under the title heading “Fees” Only four items will be necessary to cover the money that was involved during this transaction. First document the total amount of money that is charged for the parking service on the appropriately labeled blank line. Produce the “Taxes” that must be added to the above charges on the second blank line.The “Total Amount Due” at the time of invoicing should be recorded on the last blank space in this column.Finally, find the “Total Amount Paid” line. Here, you must solidify how much money the Parking Client submitted as payment for the above fees.