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Car (Vehicle) Parking Receipt Template

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Car (Vehicle) Parking Receipt Template

Updated August 02, 2023

A vehicle parking receipt indicates how much a person is being charged for parking their vehicle and allows them to reclaim their vehicle from the parking lot/garage/area. A parking receipt shows the parking attendant how many hours (or in some cases days) the vehicle was parked in the space and how much money the owner of the vehicle owes. Without the receipt, the attendant will not let the vehicle exit the parking area.

Important vehicle information is displayed on the receipt such as the vehicle’s make, model, year, and license plate number. If anything happens to the vehicle while in the parking area, i.e., damage or theft, the receipt can serve as a useful piece of evidence in a lawsuit.

Drivers are charged a flat rate or an hourly rate for parking and, in some cases, if the vehicle remains in the parking lot after the allotted time period, they will be charged an additional increased hourly rate.

Vehicle Parking Rental Agreement – An agreement made with a parking garage or the owner of a parking space to rent on a weekly or monthly basis.