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Receipt Templates (18)

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Receipt Templates (18)

Updated March 13, 2024

A receipt is a written document acknowledging a payment that has been made.  A receipt is commonly issued after an invoice has been paid and includes transaction details, such as payment method.



Date: [DATE] Receipt Number: [#]
Amount Received: $[AMOUNT]
For the Payment of: [DESCRIPTION]
Paid by: [PAYOR’S NAME] Received by: [PAYEE’S NAME]
Payment Method: Cash Check Credit Card Other: [OTHER]
Check Number: [#]
Credit Card Number: [#] Exp. [MM] / [YYYY] Sec. Code: [#]


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What is a Receipt?

A receipt is a written record of a transaction between two or more parties. A standard receipt includes the following details:

  • Date of sale
  • Business’s name and address
  • Purchaser’s name and address
  • Sale amount ($) including tax
  • Payment type
  • Description of the service, goods, or rental
  • *Serial number of the business’s permit to engage in business (*California only).

How Long to Keep a Receipt (IRS)?

According to the IRS, a business should keep its receipts for three years. If a business claimed a loss for any tax year, the receipts for that year must be kept for seven years.

Source: IRS – How long should I keep records?

Receipt vs. Invoice

A receipt is only provided after payment has been made, while an invoice is a formal request for payment.

  • Invoice – Issued before payment.
  • Receipt – Issued after payment.

How to Make a Receipt

A receipt is made after a transaction has occurred, detailing the price of the goods or services along with any taxes, discounts, shipping fees, or other line items.

Download a template: PDF, MS Word, OpenDocument

How to Scan a Receipt

There are two ways to scan a receipt:

Mobile App

person using phone to scan receipt

Using a mobile app is the easiest way to capture a receipt and save it for your records. The top three apps for taking photos of your receipts are:

Physical Scanner

person using copy machine to scan receipt

Using a physical scanner is a traditional way to store receipts. The receipt will need to be laid down on the scanner and can be saved to a device or USB stick.