Event Payment Receipt Template

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Updated April 21, 2022

An event payment receipt is a proof of purchase document provided to a guest/attendee of an event by the event’s coordinators or accounting department. These receipts are used most often for music/art/film festivals, seminars and conferences, product launches, conventions, banquets and balls, galas, and fairs. Attendees of an event will usually have to buy tickets to the event and may be charged for other associated fees or services. Each fee charged to the attendee will be written on the event payment receipt with a description of the fee and the total amount owed. The attendee would be wise to keep this receipt for their records as some events are tax-deductible if it’s a 501(c)(3) organization.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – Download The Event Payment Receipt For Your Records

The receipt pictured on this page can be worked on with either a PDF editor or an appropriate Word processing program. The buttons with the text “PDF,” “Word,” and “ODT” will deliver access to this receipt. Select one, download the file available, then open it.

2 – Present Defining Information To The Top Of This Page

The blank line at the top left part of this page will need the “Date” when this payment was received entered on it.         

The top right of this page requires the official receipt number entered to the empty line attached to the label “Transaction/Receipt #”           


3 – Document The Guest’s Information

The first section of this receipt bears the title “Guest(s)/Attendee(s) Information” and will include enough room to attach two parties as the Payer(s) behind this document. Report the Payer’s name on the line labeled “Guest/Attendee 1 Name.” Remember if there is a second entity you will have to do the same in the next portion of this section. Next, the Guest’s address should also be presented. Submit this material using the two lines under the name you provided (“Street Address” and “City, State, Zip”).        


4- Report On The Event

A record of this payment will necessitate some discussion regarding the concerned event. The titled section “Event Information” will enable you to dispense this information in a noticeable area near the center of the page. The first line “Event Date” will need the actual calendar day when the event took place furnished to it.                  Document the “Event Name” on the next line and the physical location where it took place on the line below it (“Event Location”).     


5 – Supply An Adequate Summary Of All Paid Items

A table has been developed for this receipt since it will call for an account of the items that were paid. First, you will need to give a clear listing of how many of each purchased service or item were paid for along with a clear description of what was purchased. The first two columns “QTY” and “Event Fee/Description” will allow an organized presentation of this material        The next column is devoted to recording how much each purchased item or service costs individually (“Unit Price”).                The “Total” column requires you submit the results of a minor calculation. Multiply the number in the first column with the “Unit Price” you reported for that same row.         After all rows defining a paid item have been supplied with a “Total” value, you must add each such value to one sum in the “Subtotal” box.          Now, record the “Tax Rate” and the dollar amount in taxes (“Total Tax”) the Guest(s) paid.          Finally, take the “Subtotal” and “Total Tax” numbers you reported then produce the sum in the “Total” box.         


6 – Further Define The Transaction Then Finalize It

Notice the final area set apart from the information you recorded in the table above. The first of these is labeled “Notes” and can be considered a free form area where you can input any additional relevant material to the transaction that occurred.    The box starting with the words “Paid By” requests that you record how the Guest(s) paid the “Total” amount you listed. To answer this request, mark the “Cash,” “Credit…,” “Check…,” and/or “Other” box. Keep in mind that if the Guest paid by “Credit” or “Check” then you must also report the credit card number or check number accordingly.                              The person issuing this receipt must be an Authorized Representative of the Event Coordinators or Managers (in most cases). This will be the individual who can physically verify that the Guest paid the amount you reported. He or she must sign the “Authorized Signature” line     Immediately after signing this document, the Authorized Representative must bring his or her name on the “Representative’s Name” line.     Lastly, the Authorized Representative must produce his or her “Title” with the concerned event on the last line.