Hotel Receipt Template

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Updated January 19, 2022

A hotel receipt is issued after the bill has been paid by the guest. The receipt should indicate the guest room rate in addition to any extra amenities, mini-bar, food service, breakfast charges, parking fees, taxes, and any other charges by the hotel. The receipt may be used by any franchise or private hotel, motel, inn, bed and breakfast, or any other housing provided to the public for a fee.

Hotel Credit Card Authorization Form – Used to accept a guest’s credit card or by someone else on behalf of the guest.

How to Write

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – Save The Hotel Receipt As A Reusable template

The receipt template pictured on this page can be used to verify that payment for hotel charges have been paid. Save it using the “PDF,” “Word,” or “ODT” button that are on display near the preview.


2 – Produce Identifiers For This Receipt And The Sender

After accessing the template you’ve acquired, click on the blank line at the top right of this page attached to the label “Receipt Number.”             

Continue down this column by dispensing the calendar “Date” when this paperwork was generated to the second line in this column.     

Now, the legal name used by the Hotel that has received the payment being discussed is needed. Input the line labeled with “Hotel Name.”       

The Hotel’s contact information will need to be included to further verify the entity who’s received the payment. To this end, satisfy the “Hotel Phone Number” line with the telephone number the Hotel wishes used if this paperwork must be discussed.       

Next, fill in the entire address where the Hotel receives mail using the “Hotel Street Address” and “City/State/ZIP” lines.         



3 – Name The Hotel Client In this Transaction

The entity that was billed for the Hotel’s services and products will need to be included in this report. This identification should be considered mandatory and can be documented by satisfying the “Bill To” section on the left-hand side of the page. This process begins with the legal “Name” of the person who has submitted the concerned payment.     

If the Payer represents an entity, then input the “Company Name” of this paying entity on the second blank space.     

The three remaining spaces in this area are devoted to a report on the Payer’s address. The two lines following the entity’s name (if any) require the “Street Address” and “City/State/ZIP” while the “Country” should be recorded on the last line.         

Finally, record the Guest’s telephone number(s) on the line labeled “Phone Number”     


4 – The Hotel Transaction Should Be Detailed

Many Hotel Clients will need a production of the contributing items to the final amount they paid. Satisfying this goal will require filling out a basic table set to the center of this receipt. You can use each row to record the information requested by the column headings. This table will be organized by “Room Number” in the first column. Fill in the “Room Number” for each room the Hotel Client paid for, keeping each one on its own row.         

The nightly rate for each room is needed and must be entered in the second column under the “Price/Night” heading.         

The number of nights that the paid room was occupied is also necessary. Consult the records then report how many nights were paid for.         

Any “Additional Charges” that were paid for should be produced in the second to last column.           

The “Line Total” should equal the nightly rate multiplied by the number of nights then added to the “Additional Charges.”                   


5 – The Paid Amount Must Be Detailed

After supplying the total that was paid for each room, you should add all the results you entered in the “Line Total” column. This is the “Subtotal” and is required on the first blank space after the table.         The next available space, “Sales Tax,” requires the total amount in taxes that was charged to the Hotel Client.     The line labeled “Total” will require one more minor calculation. Produce the sum of your Hotel Client’s “Subtotal” and “Sales Tax” on this line.   Finally, we will document the manner of pay used by the Hotel Client. Report this on the “Payment Method” line on the left.  Furthermore, if  the Hotel Client paid with a credit card or check, then input that item’s number on the “Card/Check No.” line.