Hotel Credit Card Authorization Forms

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Updated June 24, 2022

A hotel credit card authorization form is for guests who do not have another person or entity’s credit card in hand but do have authorization from the cardholder, including their signature, to use for their stay. The cardholder may limit what the guest can charge on the card, such as mini-bar, food, or any extras that the hotel may offer. If the authorization form limits any of these then the remaining balance must be paid by the guest.



How to Write

Step 1 – You may download a Hotel Credit Card Authorization form using one of the buttons below the image. You may download this document as a “PDF,” “ODT,” or “Word” file at your discretion.  For our purposes download the PDF version then, open it with a form friendly browser or a PDF editing program. Note: Make sure you have called this hotel to verify they have vacancy and they accept Third Party Authorizations before filling out and submitting this document.

Step 2 – The first paragraph of the document will contain three blank spaces. On the first blank space, the Card Holder must print his or her Name. Then on the blank space after the word “authorize,” report the full Name of the hotel where the Guest will stay. On the blank space following the word “…guest(s),” report the Name of each Guest the Credit Card Authorization will apply to.

Step 3 – Next, there will be several check boxes. Check the box next to each hotel service/amenity available to the Guest the hotel may charge to the Credit Card. You must check some of these choices or all of them (at your discretion): “Hotel Room, Tax(es), and Fee(s),” “Mini-Bar Snacks and Beverages,” “Room Service,” “Recreation/Resort Fee(s),” and “Other.” If selecting “Other,” make sure to explain on the blank space following it.

Step 4 – On the blank space preceding following the dollar sign and preceding the words “Total Amount to be Charged,” enter the Total Dollar Amount you will be willing to pay using the Credit Card being listed.

Step 5 – Next, indicate the Type of Credit Card that will be used to pay for this Reservation by placing a mark in the checkbox labeled “AMEX,” “Discover,” “MasterCard,” or “Visa.” You may only choose one of these.

Step 6 – Enter the Full Name of the Card Holder on the space labeled “Cardholder Name.” This should appear identical to the way it is spelled on the Credit Card.

Step 7 – Report the Full Credit Card Account Number the hotel may charge for the Guest on the blank space labeled “Credit Card Number.”

Step 8 – On the next line, report the Expiration Date of the Credit Card on the first blank space. Then on the second blank space (labeled “Security Code”), report the three-digit Security Code on the back of the Credit Card.

Step 9 – Use the blank lines labeled “Billing Address” to report the Address the Credit Card mails your statements to. Make sure this Address is exactly as it appears on the Credit Card statement.

Step 10 –  On the last line of this form, the Credit Card Holder must Sign his or her Name on the blank line labeled “Cardholder’s Signature.”

Step 11 – Send this form to the hotel where the guest is staying. Make sure you have called them to obtain the exact manner they wish you to submit this information. Typically this will be a Fax Number or an Email Address. Sometimes additional paperwork may be required. Since this form will contain sensitive information, make sure you call the hotel to verify they have received your documents.