Delivery Receipt Template

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Updated August 05, 2022

The delivery receipt template is the recognition of payment for the successful delivery of a product to a specific destination. The delivery may be for any type of product, including, but not limited to, food, equipment, goods, animals, documents, and gifts. The receipt should not be given to the client until payment has been successfully completed.

How to Write a Donation Receipt

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), Open Document Text (.odt)

1 – Save The Delivery Receipt Template To Your Computer

Three buttons presented in the caption area of the template preview on this page have been provided so that you may choose which file type to work with. The “PDF” button or “Adobe PDF” link above this section each connect to this template while the “Word” button and “Microsoft Word (.docx)” link enables access to this file as a word document. Notice that if neither of these options is compatible with your software environment, you can obtain this file in a simple “ODT” format as well.

2 – Define The Delivery Service Receiving Payment

The Delivery Service issuing this document must identify itself at the onset. This will be expected on the first blank line at the top of the page. Input the full name of the Delivery Service just after the label “Company Name.” 

After the Delivery Service’s legal name, you must make a presentation of its business address and some additional information for the Client’s benefit. The “Street Address” line is the start of this process with its request for the building number, street, suite number, and/or PO BOX in the address the Delivery Service expects its mail delivered. The line below this will give a clearly defined area for the second address line (“City, State,…”).    The next three lines will require you to display the “Phone,” “Fax,” and “Email” information a Client can use to contact the Delivery Service.

Finally, report the Delivery Service “Website” address on the last line of this header section.     We will also supply some information used by the Delivery Service to identify this document in its system. The first piece of information will serve to also document when this receipt was generated as a response to the payment received from the Client. Enter this as a month, calendar day, and year on the “Date” line in this section.       Proceed to the next line across the page labeled with the term “Receipt #.” Here, you must report the Delivery Service’s assigned document I.D. number for the receipt of the discussed payment     


3 – The Details Of the Delivery Must Be Recorded

The “Delivery Information” can serve as verification of a completed delivery, so you must be prepared to transcribe the information from the invoice, airway bill, job ticket, etc. Locate the “Description Of Delivered Items” and satisfy this request. Typically, this will be the number of pieces (even if it is just one) and the total weight that was delivered.                                       

Below the description area, use the “Delivered To” line to name the party that physically received the package or ordered this delivery. Ideally, this will be the entity that signed for the package when it was delivered but it can also be the Client. Supply this party’s legal name on this line then, produce its address and telephone number on the next three available spaces.                               


4 – Summarize All Delivery Charges With This Payment

Look for the table titled “Summary Of Charge” near the bottom of this page. This table will seek the completion of two tasks. First, indicate precisely how the payment was received. That is, the Customer may have made a payment using “Cash,” “Credit,” a “Check,” or some “Other” means. Mark the checkboxes that correspond to the labeled method of payment presented in the first two cells of this table. Notice that if “Other” is checked, you will be expected to define it on the blank space. In the same spirit if a credit card or check was used, then report the credit card or check number on the blank lines supplied.  Once you have reported the way the Delivery Client paid for the concerned charges, you should take a moment to summarize them. First, record the base “Delivery Charge” in the appropriately labeled cell of this table.      The “Tax Rate” required by the government and the “Total Tax” you calculate from that percentage should be entered to the next two cells down this column.    Finally, fill in the “Delivery Charge” plus the “Total Tax” in the cell labeled “Total Amount Due.”

  Any additional information should be produced for the Client in the “Comments” section below the summary table. Make sure to place the “Paid” stamp or indicate precisely how much money was submitted to this section.        The “Received By” line requires the printed name of the individual who physically received the delivery while the line below this (“Recipient Signature”) will the Receiving Party sign his or her name.   The Delivery Person who completed this delivery must sign his or her name to this receipt as well on the blank line labeled “Delivery Person Signature.”