Cleaning Service Receipt Template

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Updated May 05, 2022

A cleaning receipt template is submitted to a client after receiving a successful payment for cleaning services. An individual or business may issue the receipt for a variety of residential or commercial services (more specific receipts types are available below). Clients will require the receipt should they wish to deduct the cost of the transaction when issuing their personal or business income tax reports. It would also benefit the client to maintain the original receipt should they wish to demand a refund.

By Type

How to Write a Cleaning Service Receipt

Download: Adobe PDF

1 – Save The Cleaning Service Receipt Displayed On This Page

Save the receipt required to verify that a cleaning payment has been submitted as a PDF or word processing document. The “Adobe PDF,” “Microsoft Word (.docx),” and “Open Document Text (.odt)” links give you a choice in one of three popular file types to work with.


2 – Present The Concerned Cleaning Company And Its Contact Information

The Cleaning Client will expect some documentation regarding the Payment Recipient. Thus, use the line labeled “Company Name” at the top of the page to report the full name of the Cleaning Company.    The Cleaning Business’ identity should be supported by its address. Fill in this information to the blank lines labeled “Street Address” and “City, State, Zip”

The lines attached to the words “Phone,” “Fax,” and “Email” will each accept a separate contact item for the Cleaning Business. Use these lines to present the business telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address maintained by the Recipient Cleaning Company.

If the Cleaning Company maintains a homepage or “Website” then, use the last blank line in this area to report this information.     


3 – Produce The Receipt And Client Specifics

The “Date” when this receipt is being developed should be supplied just below the Cleaning Company’s information. Use the first blank line under the header to record the current calendar month, day, and year.    Provide the Cleaning “Receipt #” to the empty line directly across the page.   The “Client Information” section of this receipt will seek to clearly document the “Name,” address (“Street Address” and “City, State, Zip”), and “Phone” number of the Cleaning Client who has provided the submitted payment. Present this material to the appropriately labeled areas in this section.     


4 – Address The Cleaning And Its Payment

The “Description Of Cleaning Services” acts as a report on the reason for the received payment. The blank lines labeled “Cleaning Services Rendered” should be used as a staging area to report on the cleaning job the Client has paid for.      The time that it took to complete this job will also be discussed. Name the first calendar date that the Cleaning Company began work for its Client on the line labeled “Initial Service Date” then state the calendar date when the job was finished on the blank line “Completion Date.”     The cost of the cleaning job must be recorded on the blank spaces after “Service Charge.” First, write in the base cost of the cleaning on the first of these spaces then report it a second time numerically on the second of these lines.   In some cases, the costs of detergents, storage, or specialized cleaning processes must be included with the cleaning. The blank lines after the bold label “Additional Expenses” should be used to present a summary of these costs. This dollar amount should be presented written out and numerically in the area provided.        If such expenses were added to the cleaning bill, then provide a “Description Of Additional Expenses…” in the space provided. Make sure to attach copies of any receipts required to support such expenses.    Notice the column in the lower right. Add the amount you reported as the “Service Charge” and that for “Additional Expenses” then enter this sum on the “Subtotal” line.   The applicable “Tax Rate” used on the bill or invoice should be placed on the next line.    In addition to this, enter the “Total Tax” that was applied on the next line down.   The “Amount Due” is the sum of your “Subtotal” value and “Total Tax” value. This must be reported accurately where requested.   The “Summary Of Charge” section is the last area where we must supply a report. Some details will be necessary to complete this statement. Begin by recording the exact dollar amount the Cleaning Customer paid for this receipt to be generated. Enter this as a written dollar value on the first blank space then re-enter this amount numerically on the next line.        This statement will lead to four checkboxes; “Cash,” “Credit (No.),” “Check (No.),” and “Other.” You may check as many of these that adequately define how the Cleaning Customer’s payment was submitted as necessary. Note that both a credit card payment and check payment need more information. For Example, if the Cleaning Client used a credit card then, after checking the box, enter his or her credit card number on the blank line. Similarly, if the payment was delivered in some “Other” manner, you must define it where requested.    The Cleaning Company Representative verifying this payment should sign the blank space labeled “Authorized Signature.”