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Cleaning (Housekeeping) Invoice Template

Cleaning (Housekeeping) Invoice Template

Updated May 31, 2023

A cleaning (housekeeping) invoice is a document that is used to charge and bill a client after housekeeping services have been performed by an individual or a housekeeping business. Cleaning services are usually billed by the hour or a preset price depending on the size of the home. In addition, the client may be responsible for providing the payment of supplies in order for the housekeeper to perform their duties.

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How to Use a House Cleaning Invoice

1. Observe property and give a quote

After receiving an inquiry, cleaning professionals should visit the site and meet with the prospective clients. Cleaners vary in their approaches to billing: some charge on a flat-rate or per-room basis, while others use an hourly rate. In either case, the client should be provided a written quote for services, detailing the specific tasks that will be performed and whether materials will be included or invoiced separately.

2. Structure dates and hours of work

Timing is critical in house cleaning. Clients usually prefer cleaners to visit during the working day, or while homeowners are otherwise out of the way. It is awkward or worse to have cleaners pass through bedroom, bathroom, and other intimate spaces while residents try to carry on with their lives.

Since logistics can be unpredictable, some cleaners prefer to use service windows rather than to commit to specific hours (Monday afternoons rather than Mondays at 2 p.m., for example).

3. Obtain access to property

House cleaners should obtain copies of house keys or other means for entering the client’s home. This relationship turns on trust, of course, so clients’ keys should be carefully guarded.

4. Complete and deliver invoice

Since this is an official documentation of work and may serve as a request for payment, it should be completed meticulously and delivered on time. More detail is better than less.

5. Request consistent payments

Nothing sours a service relationship more than late or irregular payments. Cleaners should implement clear policies with clients and use the invoice to ensure that they are being consistently paid.

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